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VDES and Vampire Shiwoo head, Girl Body etc restocked @ LUTS

Aug 29, 2005

    1. I know that VDES and vampire Shiwoo heads are popular and hard to get, so decided to let ya'll know. Mods feel free to delete if considered spam :wink:
      VDES - 10 quantity right now
      Vamp Shiwoo - 14
      Dreaming Shiwoo - 15
      Delf Girl Body - 5
      P.S. No Yder sleeping heads are available at the moment.
      Hope it helps somebody. :chibi
    2. sigh...missed out on the VES yet again. How did you find out the quantity of each head?
    3. I could only hope that Shiwoo dreaming is in stock still on Thursday. idjsai Yeah right. :(
    4. In the space where you enter the amount that you need (Usually "1" unless you're lucky enough to want to get more :grin: ) type in a big number like "30", and it will show you a message in Korean with a number of VDES heads left. ("3")
      Hopefully you'll be more lucky next time! :daisy
    5. With LUTS, you don't even need to type in a number....just keep hitting the UP arrow button until it stops. :wink:
    6. *sigh* when will they restock beautiful Yder white skinned....

      He's my next! :P