Vendors, artisans and products you miss and new ones you love?

May 3, 2016

    1. Recently, after a 2-year hiatus from the hobby, I returned to the community. I quickly recaptured my fascination for dolls and all the fun that goes into caring for them. It wasn't long until I set about ordering a new girl for my collection.

      Once the order was placed It was time for both the worst and best parts of this hobby: waiting for a shipping notice and ordering new things for my doll. :D

      My first thought was to order some Droprops Eyes, which I was always a huge fan of. But, to great dismay, I found they're no longer being produced and there wasn't any to find second hand.

      This was really sad for me. In fact as my search for new goods progressed I noticed many talented artists, seamstresses, and shops I loved had faded away over the years.

      While sad, it makes me treasure the items I still own even more. Plus, in their wake, many new vendors have popped up with some amazing things that didn't exist before. One particular delight is Oscar Eyes, Every time I see a photo of a doll with one of their sets I'm blown away! I ordered three pairs this week and can't wait for their arrival!

      Does anyone else have items/artist/vendors they miss? Anyone have some more recent loves?
    2. One that I miss is Room Two on Etsy. I don't know what happened, the shop still exists but has no listings. The most recent feedback was a year ago stating people never received items. They always had really cool, well made clothes, so it's a shame they're gone.

      Some favorites now on Etsy are TTYA (TTYAcom) and Rusted Couture.
    3. I'm so sad Angeleim is no longer around! I'm SO happy I ordered some hooves for my mini boy while they were available since he stands in them perfectly and they are just so beautifully sculpted. I love that they sold fantasy parts by themselves which not alot of companies seem to do. Plus they just had a really nice style.
    4. I miss Domuya. I ordered my first Volks doll through them (because they offered FCS back then). They always had the most detailed accessories and fanciful dolls. I also miss when Dollflower eyes didn't take a year plus to deliver, but that doesn't really count.

      And Rosettadoll! I miss them. I love my Wayne and there are two more heads I really regret missing out on.
    5. I was a bit sad when I read that Raurencio Studios was gone. They had so interesting, beautiful sculpts. Something similar is hard to find nowadays.
    6. I used to love Softly She Walks and still have a shirt by them. Looking back at some of their designs, I realize my tastes have changed, but they had such cute casual clothes when that was a lot harder to find.

      For eyes, I was a big fan of Everpurple. They really turned me onto urethane eyes and I haven't gone back since! :P

      For dolls themselves, I really miss Ariadoll, Elfdoll, and Unidoll. Ariadoll made my favorite body (and I'm saving for the Switch version) and Elfdoll had a wonderful style. There was really no one like Unidoll in the market, and I really miss them.
    7. I really miss Infinitidoll, personally... I've always loved their dolls but they up and disappeared one day out of the blue without a warning. I was so sad I never got to own their sculpts because those I loved most are nowhere to be found in the secondhand market.