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Version 3 Dollshe body- just a rumour?

Oct 10, 2007

    1. I have seen various discussions about the possibility of a Version 3 Hound body. These seem to conclude that this was just a misunderstanding and the V2 is the New Body.

      However, I recently saw the topic raised again and wonder if there is something in it after all.

      So, at the risk of restarting an old bit of misinformation, does anyone know if there is a V3 body due? Poised as I am to get a Saint, I want to know whether it is worth hanging on in case they have improved all his little bodily quirks and foibles.
    2. I believe it's not a rumour because Kim KiYong was working on a new standard Dollshe boy body, but because of the whole DollshexDollmore thing and his Military duty [which is mandatory in Korea for 2 years], it has been put on hold.

    3. Ooh! That's interesting. Any idea on when this project is alleged to be completed (if I have to wait two years for him to complete his military duty I might just as well go ahead and order now anyway!).
    4. I mailed Sherry from Tensiya, and she said he was still working on it, but that this doll would be a total new styled type of BJD.
      So hearing that makes me very curious.

      I'm sure KiYong will not let us down! :)

    5. Now that does sound interesting.

      I wonder what exactly that means, though. It sounds as though it might be a bit more than fixing his popping belly and slouch, doesn't it? Do let us know if you find out any more (like timescales, for example, although it doesn't sound as though it is imminent).
    6. maybe Dollshe is jumping on the buff body bandwagon.?.? all those "realistic" sculpts with six-packs. :sweat will be interesting to see...

    7. hehe I hope not >_>
      But KiYong was full of confidence about the doll's balance and qualification (??)
      But I'm sure he's not sharing much because he doesn't want his design to be ripped off (again).

      So who knows when he'll release him, but I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open~! :aheartbea
    8. Mmm, this sounds delicious. I do hope they don't musculate him, though - it wouldn't suit his pretty face, I don't think...
    9. I can't imagine an improvement on the hands - the most beautiful anywhere.
      perhaps a less poochy tummy. but, I love the slouch, so I hope that never gets ironed out. even the Dollshe feet are so adorable although not very manly. *giggles*

      maybe he'll work on new hip joints or knee joints? it will be LOVE whatever he does. :cake:

    10. Heh. ;) I have a Bermann body, a Version 1 Hound body, a Bermann with the newer hands body, and three Version 2 Hound bodies - what quirks and foibles are you referring to? Because my love olf all things Dollshe is complete and the only "foible" I can think of...would be the not well-proportioned original Bermann hands...and perhaps...a prediliction to not standing super well because of the long long long long dollshe legs!

      I love the Version 2 body and would not recommend waiting on a rumoured body if you want a Saint!
    11. You know, I have reached the self same conclusion! It is just that I have heard so much about his popping belly and kicky legs etc etc that it has almost (not quite) put me off. Being my very first BJD (yes, I am a BJD virgin) I am not keen to start out by having to suede, wire, restring etc etc.

      Anyroad, I absolutely adore the sculpt and have been truly inspired by some of the pics on this forum (including your stunning angel boys) that I am going ahead and will order my chap this week. Ooh! The anticipation!.

      Popping belly? Kicky legs? Bring it on!
    12. The popping belly can be easily fixed with a good hot glue sueding and wiring the torso. In addition, standing can be facilitated by wiring the legs as well.
    13. Yes, so I hear. I just didn't fancy all that hassle on my first ever doll. Ho hum! Thank God for all the tutorials on here and on Houndcalling! I would be truly lost without them.
    14. Hmmm..... Any news?
    15. Yes! Well, sort of. See this thread.
    16. madammaumau thank you! I've got email from tensiya yesterday.... And i'm not sure about my emotions for this very moment. Have i to hurry up and by a doll right now or wait till the new release? What if they gonna discount the mold i like? Ah... Drama drama drama
    17. My hound is my first resin, and he actually stood right out of the box...bag... it took a few minutes, and the table was bumped but he stood easier than I thought he would because the 2 hounds I had held before him did not stand so easy

      now almost a year later >.> he don't stand so good
    18. Well, lucky you! I sueded, wired and restrung my Saint to within an inch of his life, just to get him to stand. I also keep clipping my fingers in his damned belly joint whenever I reposition him. I still love him and have absolutely no regrets at getting him. What a beautiful boy!

      I would be really interested to see what the new body looks like. There are a few things that could be improved. Whilst I don't think it would suit them to be Schwazenegger-sized, it would be good to see them looking a little less emaciated. I would also like to see the rotating upper arm joint that the Model boys have. This really helps with natural posing. However, DO NOT TOUCH THE HANDS! They are the most beautiful piece of work and do not need anything doing to them.
    19. Hmmm, I haven't heard any discontinuing thing from Luts though,they sell dollshe boys too...do you think we'll be able to get them from there for some time??? If the miracle happens and I win the bermann, a long time will be needed to pass until I'll be able to order a doll again, so if Luts goes on selling them, I'll just get a Saint boy that I so want from there and send him to Tensiya team for a face-up~
    20. There is nothing yet posted on the Luts site about discontinuing selling Dollshes. However, if things are going the way they appear to be, there is bound to at least be some sort of hiatus as they switch from old to new bodies.

      Providing they keep the heads the same and make minor improvements on the bodies, I don't think there is any cause for hysteria. I guess it is the lack of clear information that is so unnerving.