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Versions of MNF Shiwoo ?!

Oct 25, 2008

    1. Hi,

      I´d like to know which versions of a MNF Shiwoo do exsist?
      I saw one with elf ears and one with vampire teeth (couldn´t see the ears). Are these two different versions ( an elf and a vampire) or do the teeth and the ears belong together...forming some kind of vampire elf?
      If you have got pictures you can post some to illustrate ^^ :D

    2. There are currently two version. There's the normal one which has rounded ears and its sleeping head is normal too.

      The elf version has pointed ears and its sleeping head has vampire fangs.

      The ears and fangs aren't the only difference between the elf version and the normal version. The elf version is thinner in the face than the normal version and has a smaller head all round. The elf vampire is even smaller but they are still MSD sized.

      I have both heads so I will take pictures of each head without a wig for you if you want. ^_^
    3. Yes, I´ve looked for pictures in the gallery-threads but I´d wanted to see the >original< pictures from Luts.
      Unfortunatly their MNF section is empty and I cannot find pictures of the Elf at Dollfairyland.com.
      I´m kind of confused because he is only 38 cm tall...does he have a special type of body, which would mean he´s not compatible with other MNF?

      greetz and many thanks ;)
    4. He is the same size as all the other MNF. He has the same body. ^_^

      I'm still trying to find that page. >.<
    5. But you also said he is smaller. Do you mean smaller than other MNFs...? *confused*
    6. She meant smaller head-size. When they recast something it shrinks a little bit, so what they did was take an original MNF Shiwoo head and resculpt it to be an elf. Then they recast that and it becomes a little smaller. Then they sculpted it to sleep and have vampire teeth, and recast it again. That's why the sleeping vampire is the smallest head.
    7. Has there ever been a smaller version of the Dreaming Shiwoo?
    8. I don't however believe that there is a MNF version of the Dreaming Shiwoo. None of the MNF have dreaming heads, they all seem to have sleeping heads unless they are modded.
    9. Thanks so much for the info! That's interesting. So....all the Shiwoo Elves are limited/gift heads for the mnf and the smaller fee? And there's not yet been a human Dreaming head. Hmmm....
    10. I believe so. I know that it is possible to purchase a sleeping head(eyes completely closed) when you buy a normal MNF Shiwoo but there are no dreaming heads at all(like the Delfs, eyes partially open).
    11. There's also a limited Scar shiwoo head, probably a recast of the ragular Shiwoo head by Fairyland. It has one eye almost closed and scarred.
    12. Ah! So, you think the Delf/Fairyland thing....has something to do with no Dreaming heads?

      That's right! Thanks so much for adding that head! Was he only mnf?
    13. The Scar Shiwoo is only Minifee to my knowledge, he (or she, in my case) was first the gift head for the debut of their Japanese website (late June-July 2009), and is again available with a large purchase as part of the Fairyland Autumn event 2009. (As is a Minifee Scar Breakaway head, and a scarred hand and boy arm.)

      I think Minifee Marcia's sleeping head is actually a dreaming head with the eyes partially open, but that's the only one I've ever seen that's dreaming.
    14. I should take some comparison pics. XD

      I have a standard MnF Shiwoo bought from Luts in 2006, a modded MnF elf Shiwoo vampire bought second hand (but new) from the elf release by Luts, a modded MnF sleeping Shiwoo (older head), and the new MnF Scar-face Shiwoo from the Japanese website event.

      The elf vampire definitely has the pin-head of the group. Here's some pics with my standard MnF Shiwoo when I first got him:


      Here's my normal Shiwoo with the modded sleeping Shiwoo (bad comparison, I know):

      And here's all three of them (even worse comparison):

      But you get the idea that the standard Shiwoo has the biggest head and they all go down from there.

      I'll take better comparison pics of them and also include the scar-face head as well.
    15. I have a Scarred Shiwoo head on layaway, and I thought I'd join this thread. I'm going to have to get her a body, and I know there's one with magnetic hands and one with non-magnetic hands. I'm afraid to get the magnetic hands, since I'm a bit of a klutz and would more than likely lose one or both of them.

      She's also going to be my first MNF, as my 45cm MNM Ritsuka's not getting a body for a while yet, but when he does, he might end up getting a similar body.

      Any recommendations/advice/stories to tell me about these hands? I've been told that "the Active Line bodies are amazing!" [A direct quote from a friend.;) ]

      I'm going to go read the thread now, maybe I'll learn something else about the different kinds of Shiwoo.

    16. You've heard from me already I think! Get the A-LINE BODY!!!! Seriously. the B-line has no upper torso joint and more than once I've been tempted to take a hacksaw to mine, the back has a beautiful arch, but that's a detriment when sitting upright, and it can't slouch at ALL. The poseability is amazing on the A-line - the upper joint sometimes wants to cant to the side but a touch of hot-glue sueding solves that in about 10 seconds. Also the A-line offers more options for bust size and legs for the girls. You can get a pair of B-line hands to put on instead of the magnet hands, they'll fit the same. And I KNOW there are people with B-line bodies dying to buy the A-line hands with the wrist joints, so if you really don't like them you can sell them easily.
    17. Hn...I love that they have the different busts and legs. I was actually hoping that the B-line hands would work, any idea as to how? Are the magnetic hands also s-hooked? I should look for a thread...is there a difference between the A-line and the Kid Delf body, or is that the B-line body? So..many...questions....*_*

      I can't WAIT to get my little Scarred Shiwoo! I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with her, but she's going to be a badass, I know that much!:aheartbea I'm thinking of making her a decora...but who knows WHAT she'll want to actually become!

      Yannow..I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought I'd ever end up with a 1/4th, and now I'll have TWO!:lol: Ritsuka's gonna have a pretty wild playmate!