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Very expensive Volks DD dolls

Apr 26, 2016

    1. Anyone else dreaming of getting a Volks Dollfie Dream Doll, who are annoyed by the huge expences getting one?
      I find myself drawn to several Volks dolls, not the ordinary ones, but the nicer ones, but I always ends up shaking my head over the horrific costs of the dolls. It's kind of sad.
      In many ways I feel that it's a derision against doll lovers, that their dream can't come true cause the dolls they want have prices skyhigh.

      What do you think?
      #1 TomDavy, Apr 26, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    2. Hello TomDavy, & yes the Volks Dollfies are expensive.
      I'm curious though about your comment about the costs of Vinyl dolls?
      I ask as the Volks Dollfies are made of cast resin and not vinyl.
      You will see that my signature shows I own a group of Volks Dollfies. These dollfies I was able to purchase when I had the money to spend. Now I don't have that money to spend, can't buy any new dollfies.
      I think it is OK to look at the new Volks dollfies in awe of their beauty, the wonderful clothes and accessories.
      And I dream of owning another Volks dollfie. But too expensive for me now.
    3. I see, I thought they were made of Vinyl only. But I just read this on their site:
      "Dollfie Dream are mostly made from a firm soft vinyl, however some parts which demand more delicacy are made from a soft resin, making them a true’ hybrid body’"
      Concept | DollfieDream® | VOLKS INC.
    4. Hello! I felt the same way for a while, but after some savings and scavenging for deals, I was able to afford one of their standard models. ^^ It just takes a while.

      Volks makes two different main lines of dolls: Dollfies (resin) and Dollfie Dreams (vinyl). The vinyl ones are stylized to be more like anime characters while the main Dollfie line is more like your traditional BJD. :)
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    5. I was able to fulfill my dream of getting a vinyl Dollfie Dream by being patient and searching the marketplace for a body that needed some work. I was willing to get a damaged body to save money, and removing the nasty black stains actually was easy. Buying the head without a face up also saved me quite a bit of money. Now I have a beautiful doll at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes you have to just be diligent and keep searching.
    6. Super Dollfie is Volks resin line, Dollfie Dream is the vinyl line.
      They are both not really cheep, unfortunately I also am fond of both lines and it can get a bit annoying.

      The Dollfie Dreams are especially expensive because the majority of them are licensed characters from popular animes.
      That also means Volks needs to pay money for the licenses, which adds to the price.
      They are marketed at and bought by people who usually don't get them because they collect dolls but for having a huge version of their favourite character.
      This, and the fact they are nearly all limited, attracts re-sellers and scalpers and makes the prices jump like crazy :(
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    7. I'm looking forward to get access to the marketplace, it's just days left, then I can apply for access. I have bought 4 smart dolls the last month, because they are affordable, and very beautiful! ($2000 for 4 dolls) I can't understand, though, why they are off topic, since they are about the same dolls as Volks Drem Dollfies, ball jointed. In many ways they are better than Volks in their sculpt, but it's limited to just a few dolls for now. There are, however, dolls from Volks, which I really want, which costs from $1200 and up, I guess it's their limited series. Their standard series doesn't cost that much, but I can't seem to like their appearance.
    8. You see, instead of buying four Smartdolls you could have bought two DD full-sets ;)
      I understand though that paying less for an equally gorgeous doll seems like the more reasonable thing to do, and I think it's great that Choo made them so affordable.
      I'm currently a bit disappointed too because my favourite DD is usually 2000+$, 1200$ for just the head, and that's just way too much.

      Dollfie Dreams (and the bigger Obitsus) are grandfathered here.
      They are basically allowed because of how they started (DDs were strung like BJDs in the beginning) and because the collectors overlap.
      Smartdolls are new and thus aren't grandfathered, but I personally think they should be allowed too because they are basically the same thing from a different maker.
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    9. hehehe :wiggle Yes I know, but four dolls is better than two, and they are truly wonderful pieces of art! I have ordered tons of outfits for them. So I am thankfull to Danny Choo, for making high quality dolls affordable :thumbup I just can't get myself to use $1200 - 2000 Dollar on one doll alone, it's simply not worth it! - But I still want a couple of dolls from Volks, so I guess i have to be patient and see if I could be lucky getting a used one at a reasonable price some day.

      Thanks for your great reply Ara
    10. Smart Dolls and Dollfie Dreams seem pretty comparable in price to me. A standard model DD is only $473 USD. An "essentials" Smart Doll not on sale is $467 USD. In both cases you get a complete doll in their underwear/pajamas.
    11. Yes that's correct, but I don't like the appearance of the standard DD. I was talking about the more expencive Volks dolls in this thread, the limited types (the truly beautiful ones), which are priced $1000 and up. The Smartdolls are very beautiful in every aspect, they are worth every dollar. they have a lovely appearance and a beautiful shaped sculpt, which I think are much better than Volks. Just take a look at this: (I hope Mod will excuse me for all this smartdoll talks in this thread, since it's off topic)
      Dollfie Dreams • View topic - SmartDoll vs DD3/DDdy body comparison NSFW
    12. I have edited the title to Volks DD dolls, so there will be no misunderstanding ;)
    13. I think this problem happens frequently, not just with Volks, but many companies. For example, my grail doll was a Soom Ender Lord of the Dead in brown tan skin. He was limited and only available in the Egyptian fullset for about two weeks. There was no way I could afford him or even start a layaway at that time. If I recall correctly (it's been 5 years), I think the fullset was around $1200. The sculpt was re-released as a X-mas kit, but not in the same color. I could have bought a basic Soom doll for about $500, but it just wasn't the same.

      As frustrating as it can be, that is part of what drives the cost up--limited supply and high demand. And on the other hand, I think the detail and extras that go into the LEs is sometimes what creates the desire for them. Some people just want to own a rare and valuable doll. Others find the sculpt, clothing, wig, etc much more appealing than a simple nude doll or basic underwear.
    14. CloakedSchemer you'r absolutely right. I wish they didn't do all that limit stuff all the time. I don't care if a doll is rare or not, I want the doll because of it's appearance and accessories. I don't collect dolls for their market value, they have gold and stocks for that. It shouldn't be necessary to make doll hobbies into something speculative, that drive up the prices. I wish they had unlimited, or at least hundreds of sets available, so that everyone could get the doll they really want, at a fair price. I have the same problem with a dress I wanted at Luts, Helena Dress for Delf Arwen, both the Wig and the Dress are no more available, and that's the main reason I have not yet bought Delf Arwen. It seems unlogical to me, that a company uses a dress and a wig on their web site, on a doll model, and when you are about to buy the doll, you suddenly notice that her outfit has been out of stock a long time ago, and are not being re-stocked. I believe they loose both money and customers with such a policy. I think Danny Choo, the man behind the Smart doll consept, do things more correctly, by always having the dolls available, and there is no limit to their outfits - that's my hero! :thumbup

      I just hope though, that I can get Delf Arwen full set, secondhand one day, since she's among my "must have" dolls .. :(
      #14 TomDavy, Apr 27, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    15. Oh yes I can agree with you on that. I actually have a SmartDoll (Kizuna) for that reason and no DD's. I was able to get the doll and extra outfits for much less than a limited edition DD. I am pretty sure though that if Danny Choo got into making licensed characters, he would have to jack the price up for those models. There is big money around manga/anime licensing.
    16. Thank you Tom for the information about the dolls you like. It was enjoyable for me to see the "Smart Dolls."
    17. At first I was experiencing a similar feeling. However, as other members wrote scavending can really help and you can find some really amazing pieces.
    18. Darn it! I just saw a Volks Sword, that I really wanted for my doll, it would have been a perfect fit. Released 25 days ago, and in limited edition, as always! Arrrgg! And of course I was to late. It's so darn annoying, so unnecessary! I guess i'm fed up with this limited stuff, I just despise it! Dollfie Dream Accessories - Japanese Sword - 1/3 - Snow Flower White (Volks)

      I notice that people are selling the black edition of the sword on eBay, for about three times the listing price on Volks! Just days after the release. Those xxxx speculants, ruin peoples chance of getting their items at a fair price. Just as they do with dolls. Buying them for re-sale, to double and tripple the price. Anyone else getting upset over this issue?
      #18 TomDavy, Apr 27, 2016
      Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
    19. DD, especially the limited ones in particular, are unfortunately the type of doll you have to get when they come out, (or hope they are rereleased later), since a vast majority if them are modeled after beloved characters. Even a person not into dolls might buy one simply for the fact that they have a certain series they collect. Sadly, this really opens the market for scalpers, especially for 'limited quantity/lottery' types. (I was into Disney limiteds before bjds; you don't even want to know how bad it's gotten over there...) I will say, prices are always really high right after a release period, (not fairly, sure, but as long as people buy it at high prices, scalpers gonna scalp). Wait until the next 'big items' or event comes out and the previously released things should dip. As an aside, though, Mandarake is a great secondhand site, so be sure to check with them frequently for deals.

      One day I hope to own a DD Saber Lily, but alas, dropping that kind of money would be REALLY hard to justify right now, and there seem to be less and less every time I look one up. However, if Volks came out with a Diarmuid from Fate/Zero, whether DD or Super Dollfie, I would for sure be right there to snag one. :)
    20. Thaks a lot for the tip, I had a look, and there where great items, some at a better price than eBay :)