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Very first stains/cracks/dents/marks?

Jun 5, 2009

    1. We've all been there I'm sure. An accident happens and suddenly your doll has a scratch/dent/crack/stain. When this happens to a first time owner it can be very stressful.

      So how did you deal with this for the first time?

      Does it change your view on the doll?
    2. First big one was Jay Say falling off a drafting table and crushing the living crap out of her nose. After a frantic sanding session, I love her new nose better, actually! To me, it actually made her... Mine, for lack of a better term. She's not like other Beryls now, she's got a story, a flaw, and that makes her all the more special to me.

      Lirael's a brick, though, and hasn't done a thing to hurt herself. XD
    3. on no, doll breakages :horror:

      about fifteen minutes after i got my Homme Ivan, a chip occured on his back where his torso joint was. he was very tightly strung :(

      it remained that way until i was able to sand it, months later.

      apart from that, i've been pretty lucky. there's been the occasional scrape but nothing that can't be wiped off.
    4. Uhhh, I had my first one upon my special boy, Azakiel.. After a few months, I was changing his clothes and then I saw a crack on his right knee. I was devastated, I have to say. Because Azakiel is favourite one.. I remembered being so devastated since I never thought he would have such thing.. I took good care of him and the sort, and so I never knew what actually caused that crack. I had my closest friend comforting me and then after doing some research and asking in the Emergency thread, I went to using super glue to fix the crack. Until now the crack didn't went bigger. XD
    5. The only real accident that has happened to any of my dolls were when my MNF Chiwoo fell off my desk and his little finger snapped clean off. At first it really bothered me, but by now I have come to see it as just another thing about him that's special to me. :)
    6. Natalie's leggings hate her. I made the mistake of not washing them directly after I got her so the often to decide to tint her legs red eventhough the leggings are black. Damn cheap clothing. Bella hasn't had any issues like Natalie but the other day after switching her hands to the other hands I have that she hardly uses she has been yellowing. Its been so gradual that I hadn't even noticed.
    7. One of my dolls arrived with a broken pinky, but it happens! I have yet to super-glue it back on because the weather's too hot and I don't want it to remain tacky rather than drying. I'd like to use acrylic sculpting paste to make a cool ring on some of his fingers, so that works perfectly!
    8. I was to afraid to restring Sanyu... so I tried just removing her hands and using a little MSD sized screwdriver from a glasses case to hold her elastic. Well, when I went to put her hand back on, removing the screwdriver not only dented her wrist, but snapped the elastic back into her chest and forced me to de-string her anyway. ^_^() Sanyu's way of saying 'quit being a chicken you stupid human' perhaps?

      I really don't mind the dent, as it is really hard to see unless I point it out and typically covered by her glove-like things. It hasn't changed the way I feel about her at all, but now I have a 'stupid newbie owner' story to tell. XD

      I felt horrible at the time because I thought I was such a bad dolly owner for chipping my poor little girl. XD Even though that's the only injury she's had, despite her many falls.
    9. My cat chose to chew on my first dolls hand. ¬__¬

      She's only got a little mark on one of her fingers, but I just see it as another thing that makes her individual. I know I've got scars from randomly falling over and don't see it as being much different! :D

      Randomly ~ my cat went on to chew the finger of another of my dolls and mark it, but after that no more have been attacked! xD
    10. Riddick has a slight scuff on his faceup which is luckily only visible if you look for it, and a tiny scratch on one hand - I have no idea how that even happened! Crow's head decided to launch itself across the floor from the couch (I had it off his body to tighten him), and while his faceup is fine, he now has a couple tiny scratches behind one ear. They're small and covered by his hair, so I haven't bothered to do anything to them, but I was horrified at the time!
    11. My daughter picked up Klara while in my room and dropped her, the doll's cheek hit my husband's toolbox leaving a dark mark and light scratch in the resin. After freaking out and punishing my daughter for picking up my doll, I got some soap and water on part of one of my linen handkerchiefs and wiped her face. The dark mark came off, but the light scratch is still there. You can only see it when the light hits it right and you're looking for it, but i know it's there.
    12. Within a half hour of having Bell out of his box, i had posed him sitting on my computer chair with his sister behind him. bad idea. I must have touched the chair wrong, and he fell head first off the chair--onto (and i'm not sure why it was there in the first place) a HAMMER. he's got this teeny dent in his head now from where he met with the nail-remover part of the hammer, but other than being angry for a bit after arriving (or at least looking like it) he's fine. I see it as proof that he's mine. ^^ (also very happy that didnt happen to the boy luts had sent me by mistake two weeks earlier! That would have made it difficult to get Bell ^^;; )

      my two minifee boys are both modded elves, and while their ears aren't perfect i think i like them like that, though i dont think that counts here XD

      My most recent acquisition has a cracked/broken elf ear, but her previous owner glued itb ack on. I think it gives her character ^^

      Other than that, i really havent had anything detrimental happen, (other than my mnf chiwoo throwing himself off a table onto a concrete floor at a meet and coming out perfectly unscathed *_* ), but my first girl, my kid delf aru, Piper, recently got a crack on her elbow. I've no idea how it happened, and it kinda worries me. I need to do something about it before it gets worse >.o
    13. Actually I was really nervous and careful with my MSD until I was in a major car accident and she actually got thrown out of the car when it rolled. She came out with one deep little scratch I can't really fix just under her wig and a shallow one I buffed out on her leg. After that I realized she was a lot more durable than I thought so I worry less. I don't throw them around or anything, but I don't really think twice about taking them out places.
    14. When my first head came to me, he had multiple light blue marks on his face and headcap. They wiped right off; I think they were just from the shipping materials.

      Other than that, do a few dirt streaks count when I was doing a photoshoot with my tiny in the garden?
    15. Nothing major as of yet *touches wood*
      But my Phinn has an obvious scratch in his blushing from joint movement mid-torso which annoyed me at first because he's my first and I'm fairly new at this so I was super careful with him...and means I have to pose him certain ways if I want a shirtless or open-shirt photo.
      But c'est la vie...that's life. Means he's mine I guess. :)
    16. I've had no damage yet *also touches wood* :3

      I fear for Yuki most out of my lot - he doesn't seem to like standing much...
      I've told him he'll get a wheelchair for his own safety if he keeps toppling over!

      I fear the first mark will be cat related...my cat is a rather evil :sweat
    17. The first blemish is always saddening but they once it happens it's easier to deal with the rest .;)
    18. My Chiwoo Huntyre has a little teeny mark right under his eye that you can only see if you're right up against him. I've tried everything to get it off, but alas, it won't work!! :doh

      It's ok though. I love him regardless. :aheartbea
    19. The wig my girl wears stained her head so it was a nasty green-yellowy tinge! I was scared. erm. crap-less... yeah.
      From my dad mishandling her there is a mark on her right cheek but I am too afraid to clean it off! D:
      No chips or cracks so far! *knock on wood*
    20. I can't even recall the first damage any of my dolls got. It really gets to a point where you don't care, as long as you can fix it yourself. It's only bothersome when you have to send them off to be repaired (which I haven't ever done yet, knock on wood). There are customizers who can fix anything, nowadays, so even if my doll split along the torso, no frets, just sent the parts off.