VERY Masculine Molds?

Feb 20, 2017

    1. I am looking for some boys but I am not the bishie(?)-type fan so I am more looking for something similar to Iplehouse and Granado boys! Any suggestions? I have mainly found male dolls that look rather... androgynous and it is just not my thing nor does it match my characters. Any suggestions and help would be appreciated, I haven`t found anything in the forums yet >_<
    2. Check out LoongSoul I know some of their male bodies have magnetic option parts in different sizes. I am looking into purchasing one as well. :)
    3. Iplehouse and Granado are a good start, maybe give the new Dollshe guys a try too :)

      Some of the artist heads might be a good source, they tend to be more unconventionally looking and less smooth (like Nabarro, Edelweiss, Agatti, Les Enfants Terribles).
      You could also try some Minimees/actor head lookalikes, they are pretty big headed though and uncanney valley at times and only available second-hand nowadays.

      You can change a lot through light modding and a right face-up too, so don't dismiss some heads too fast : D
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    4. OMG Thank you so much! After one click on Edelweiss I found the perfect mold for one of my characters already <3 You are an angel, thank you so so so much!
    5. No problem, glad to help :)
      I personally found that artist heads (especially European ones) are a good choice for unconventional, "rough" looks.
      Sometimes crawling through Flickr or the russian communities can be a good idea too.
    6. I find the IOS males to be very manly. I know that they are the most detailed and masculine to me. Specifically the 70cm body :)
    7. I love IOS, I am planning on getting Nebel, he is very manly and nice looking :)
    8. You might want to look at the newest guys from LLT, Ludwig and Ahaz. My GF just got her Ludwig home and I think he fits the bill. He is a similar size to Iplehouse EID but he handles better, really nice engineering throughout.

      (Glad to see more love for Edelweiss sculpts, I just got a Gagnon last month! But the teeny weeny eyes he takes! OMG)
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    9. I fell in love with Ahaz but he is not for sale right now :( I have seen him a few weeks ago already and he is kinda my grail doll now but I have no idea when and if he is coming back Dx
    10. I would say maybe loongsoul or souldoll? (because even their msd look mature which is so nice)
    11. I third the Loongsoul reference. Their 68 cm body is by far the most..sculpted muscled? It's REALLY ripped even moreso than their 70+ dolls are. And as someone mentioned before me the 68 cm body had 5 detachable male genitals. I believe their 70+ dolls only have 3. Just something to consider if that was important to you. Their muscles are very prominent sculpted in the back, calves, arms, feet, fingers, chest..everything. Their faces are a little more traditional but the body can make for a good hybrid.
    12. Some, but not all, of the male Simply Divine headsculpts might fit what you're after - I'm thinking Alec and Nkiru in particular.

      As to bodies, well going to quickly point out that at the inexpensive end Resinsoul has the new beefy 70cm body, Impldoll have the muscly Star and Idol range, then we're onto the already mentioned Granado, Dollshe and Iplehouse. Spiritdoll might be worth a look actually, they've got quite a range of body types.
    13. Oh I wasn`t even looking for bodies, I am already set on the mentioned bodies from Loongsoul, Spiritdoll, Iple and Granado tbh xD

      But thank you all for the sculpt suggestions. My problem with most sculps is that they look so anime like and I am really looking for something more realistic and ... european? That is also not true because I am also a sucker for afro american sculpts but I hope it just makes sense when I say that I am not looking for the typical anime/manga like look (thin noses, small lips, asian/anime like eyes and feminine looks).

      Thank you all for the recommendations so far :)
    14. I have a Ringdoll that I really like. The body is really muscular and cut. He even has ball jointed junk..... not sure if you to go that masculine. Some of the Ringdoll heads may fall into the more androgynous category, but they have a lot of head options and some are more realistic.

      Face-ups can have a strong effect on how masculine a head looks. Check out images for OR-doll "Azuma". Amazing what a good face-up can do to the look of a head.
    15. I stumbled upon Edelweiss. Was impressed with the male heads. Great sculpts!!!
    16. Don't you love when someone asks the question you've been pondering? Thanks for asking this, @Zomboi - may have to steal a few of these suggestions ;)
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