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very tiny adult/teen dolls?

Aug 15, 2008

    1. hi, i've just discovered tiny dolls and am really excited by them. but the smallest ones all seem to be young children and/or have large heads.

      anyone else like the idea of a 5 inch high bjd with, say, sd or msd proportions? do they already exist?
    2. Yes they do :D

      Check out

      Sleeping Elf's Moona, Mina, Bracken, Coco and Bonbon (she's tinybear on here)
      Elfdoll's tinies are mature looking - check out the elfdoll adel, lyn, kai etc thread in this section
      Dollmore's Banji are quite mature looking too

      All the above fit with 1/12th dollshouses also
    3. Right up my alley, love the above mentioned dolls :D Here are quick links :D:

      Elfdoll Tinies

      Tinybear's Witley Wood Elves

      Gotta see her fat fairies too!

      And not at all least, Banji's Please note that Dollmore outfits really make them look so young, but other owners have made Banji's look very sophisticated, like Gracia's Bérangère-Élodie, the chain smoking sophisticate, author and world traveler, LOL :D Love that doll!

      These dolls make up the majority of my collection! All of them work perfectly with 1:12 scale doll house stuff (except the fat fairies, they're a bit too big - the right hight, but too chunky. They require luxury, ample space, but look great with Barbie stuff. Small, but I think they look so cute and pixie-ish that way :D
    4. There is a company called Dobigi that makes "Alice" dolls. I remember they used to sell on eLuts, but now they only do it through their own site in Korean...


      Hope that helps a little!
    5. Moonshadow, I'm going to have to reserect that thread! According to the calculations, the doll is only $40, can that be so?
    6. IngieBee, I looked up the prices again, and unfortunately, I think $40 is just for the clothing set... The doll is about $180, but she probably comes with the clothes. There are two ensembles, blue and red, so I guess the clothing set listed is if you want the other one?
    7. wow, thankyou! it's amazing what's out there if you know where to look. Banji is closest to what i was looking for. good on tiny bear for making them herself - that's what i'm trying to do, well have done. i made the doll in my avatar, and have made dolls house dolls before, and was thinking of combining the two.

      thanks again for your help!
    8. Ooooh, I'm sure all of us want to see what you come up with! Can you link to where you've posted pictures of your Avatar doll? Gosh, I'd love to see what you've made!

      Eeek, just noticed how new to the group you are! I sure hope you'll post pictures of your doll, or if you have, please let us know where! He looks cute!
    9. thankyou! whenever i get round to it i'll post pictures.
      this is Georgie, glad you like her! haven't had any feed back from someone i don't know, so it's good to get an unbiased opinion!

      ps love the doll in your avatar, too :)
    10. [​IMG]ah, that's better
    11. I love what I can see of him! I love his nose! Not so pointy and thin, :) Please, let us see more, or post in the workshop threads and give us a link :)

      What did you use to make him? I would LOVE to see how his body is put together!
    12. Notdollab Lucy and her big sister Symposium are pretty mature to... I only have no idea how big 5 inch is in cm XD Lucy is 21 cm and Symposium is 25 cm
    13. Pandora (Symposium size) is 1/6 size, but slightly smaller than Barbie and Lucy is in the right scale to be Pandora's little sister (Skipper size, rather than Kelly size). I have them both and love them, but they are more in scale with Uyoo, Aren, and the other 1/6 sizes, than the tiny Elfdolls.