Update *Victoria Red Dress* and New Hands part open pre-order

Sep 3, 2018

    1. Hello, Dear Doll Lovers,

      We are happy to announce that new dress from 【瑜瑜酱】 and new hands part from D-Lace are available for pre-order.

      *Victoria Red Dress*
      Face Mask can be also ordered.
      Due to the complicated sewing process for this dress, ONLY the following sizes are available order:

      1. Size 1/3 S (SD10 Girl , SD13 Girl); SDGR (Please leave message if you need SDGR);

      2. Size SD16 Girl ;

      3. Size 1/4 MSD ;

      4. RL big baby size.


      Dlace self sculpt 1/3 girl Hands

      Normal /White skin pre-order: US$45

      Close to Volks Normal/White skin.

      Can fit SD10, SD13, SDGR ; Other 1/3 sizes please consider.




      More details please visit: www.dollyplanet.com

      If you have questions, please email us by [email protected]

      Thank you for reading!

      Dolly Planet
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    2. Which MSD dolls are your reference for the dress, please? Would it fit slim ones too, or is it more for the stockier ones? Thank you!
    3. Thank you . You can take reference from Volks MSD line size for reference.
    4. Is there a time limit on the hand pre-orders?
      Or on the pre-orders for any of【瑜瑜酱】dresses?
      Thanks so much! ^__^
    5. At present, they are basic item on sale. If the outfits fabric is sold out, then it will be discontinued.
      There are some instocks for hands. If place order now, we can ship out in around 5 business days.
      Thank you.
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