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Victorian Winter Dolls discussion

Jun 30, 2010

    1. I wanted to say that I saw Odette in person at the Fresno BJD convention and she is wonderful! Even better in person! The body is amzing and the wings are done really well!
    2. :D Thank you!
      Even with a better camera it never seems to give her justice (or probably my photography skills could become a lil better :lol:)

      Thank you! I'm so happy shes on topic now XD hehe

      lol! I have the same problem :doh next time I'll debut one a little earlier ^^

      :) Thank you so much! I have 3 more coming out that are planned, the next one in a couple weeks ^^

      I wanted to do actual feet, not long curly things like what other companies have done ^^
      Thank you so much :aheartbea

      Her wings are permanently attached (since they're strung together so they can pose better) but I work with my talented seamstress to make sure that dressing her with wings is easier :)

      :D I have 2 skin tones X3 I have Pure white (the whitest you can get :D) and a light skin tone. I will start playing with fantasy colors soon as well! ^_^
    3. Thank you!! I am too :D
      The main reason I got into doll making was the idea that so many people can take a blank doll, and create so much life into them! They have personalities, lives, loves, I just love it! I wanted to give people a canvas for their creativity.

      heehee ;)

      Yea! I live in Las Vegas, so it was a fun 6 hour drive XD It was so worth it <3 (Its really nice there too)

      Thank you! I've been working non stop..I love my job X3 I have soo many ideas, but only one pair of hands to do them lol!!
      hehee, in the works ;)

      Yea....sorry about that! I think its a mixture of the blushing/lighting. I tried to take a photo of the headcaps...theres more of a difference then shown...I'll try to get a better photo:


      Thank you so much! I tried for more of a Tolkien description of elven fae type (long bodies) with a mix of him (They're my idols :D)

      I'll post better pictures of that soon :D
    4. linakauno: Thank you! There isnt enough un-limited Fantasy dolls!! X3

      freya1924: ^_^ Pre-orders start...Tomorrow! X3

      Stella Maris: :D You can always wait for the other styles to come out :)

      Chehime: ^//^
      I made sure in her headcap that there are spots for magnets ;) hehe, thinking ahead! X3
      :D Im happy everyone loves her toes!! I'm thinking about making a 'sock' version of her feet, so that way they can fit into shoes (Im pretty sure that one long toe will be a hassle) and no one has to feel bad for covering them! :D
    5. Fantasy colors would be pretty! She'd be really nice in light green. I'd also love to see her in dark tan, though I know that's a big pain to cast. She has such a cute little body--I really like the corset costume.
      Are the other dolls going to have the same body, but with a different head and wings? And are they all going to be elementals? I cannot afford her right now, though $450 is very very reasonable for an artist-cast doll, I must say. But some day.
    6. :D Then its a must I get to play with different colors! I was also thinking of adding shimmer to her...

      Yes, they will all have the same body type :) That way its easier to change out parts for the Create Your Own section :3 And yes! All elementals ^_^ But after that there will be different themes and even non-themed faeries :)

      ^_^ I didn't want to make a doll that just looked like a human with butterfly wings, so I gave her proportions that seemed a bit off, but worked at made her look other-worldly :) Im glad you like her! ^__^ <3
    7. Skye: :D The Fire Fae's big toe is separated from the rest, so those feet can wear other sandals as well! :D
    8. Anneke: ^_^ I will try to get a better shot today, The white is paper uber white lol, and the light skin tone is a very soft skin tone color.
    9. OMG they're so itty bitty-CUTE! But I understand what I need to do now ^^ (I'm a sculptor darnit not a photographer! lolz)

      :D I first started making them because I wanted a faerie doll that actually looked like one (I always complain about a human looking doll with butterfly wings..... X3) But my husband was looking at it when I was sculpting her and mentioned how I should put it out there for other people to enjoy too (I had thought about it but didn't think others would like her....) After the Fresno Doll Convention I was confident enough to know that other people would love her as well :) so here she is!! and her sister is coming along soon as well :D (her 3rd and 4rth will take a lil more time)
    10. When I was designing her I looked around a bunch of doll sites...and was literally stunned with I didn't see resin wings! (That came with the doll) Not even on Sooms! (until now X3) But I know what you mean, I started to also x_x

      ^_^ I have several sketches for her brothers, they'll look manlier then a lot of dolls, but still have that grace a faerie would? Its hard to explain (and put on paper x_x) But I'm going to try to make it so parts can still change between both genders (hands will be a little harder methinks, because of the wrist, but I know some people prefer more feminin hands on men then masculine?) ..........Im rambling aren't I lol
    11. hehe, now I dont feel so bad lol! I just don't want to tell a future plan that someone is uber excited about, then have to tell them its gonna be awhile (cus I know how that feels lol)

      :D WELLLLLL I guess I could talk about some ;)

      It will be a little more difficult on my part but once I get fantasy resins out you can still order other styles of hands or feet or ears, etc. in that fantasy color. They won't match exactly if you order them at different times, but its better then having a purple doll with white hands lol.

      I'm also planning on different busts later on :D

      Hooves, anyone? ;) (With a really uberly cute fawn like face in the fullset ;) and moth wings!!! <--my personal fave X3)

      I'm also open to any ideas, like colors or hand positions, or even particular ear styles as well. I have about 30 of each planned out already (half in the making) so they might even show up before you ask XD I just want people to be able to create that one faerie that fits their needs <3
    12. :D I don't have a job outside of this, and since I'm the owner I have as much time as I need to make tons of things ^_^ hehe

      :D I would really love to make one! Peapod Dolls made the best one I've ever seen, but I was thinking of also making mine customizable, like different fins, and even one that looks like a seahorse tail :3
      I was thinking for an anniversary or something, I will re-release elementals, but they would be God elementals (Water-Undine with mermaid tail, Fire-Pheonix with Featherl wings *cus I can't do anything with Salamanders lol*, Earth-Ent *, Air- Sylph *not sure what yet*) I'm still playing with the idea though ^^;
    13. Anneke: X3 Very close!! lol!

      BTW I put up the measurements! :D atm they're only on Odettes page but I will add them to the Gallery one as well

      plazticdagger: Thank you so much! <3 hehe
    14. Stella: Her regular ears are magnetic, so you can take them off and put on different shaped ears (Like the next one I'm releasing is more elf like and not faerie, and you can change between them :D)

      twinklingfae: Thank you! :3

      Skye: Yea...I know what you mean :) hmm.....is it just not sending?

      sickan-chan: ^_^ hehe <3 Thank you!

      ladyroselie: :D

      Muse Star: Thank you so much! Yes, I don't make those accessories myself X3, for clothes I'm working with TheMonkeyThatSees that will be making a line of clothing for them, and the eyes and wigs I get from a supplier. I'm working on my layaway today, So yes :) Everyone should have layaway! :D
    15. Okay another Fae I am thinking about and will wait and see what happens, she is just lovely, oh well gotta go to work now. Can't wait to see more of this amazing doll!
    16. Muse Star: I would love to walk around your home :D sounds like what I would love to have (I live in the city...bleh. My husband and I want to move to the country with our own land as well) Btw I saw your Gallery Image, Very pretty!! <3 I love those wings!

      Derilan: ^__^ You can always wait for my other sculpts to come out! ;) Thank you so much!!
    17. Its says after I press the 'send' or 'add' or whatever that button is, that the site is blocked >.< Its probably just the dumb anti-virus software that my office uses. I'll just try again on my home computer.
    18. VictorianWinter; Hehe.. elf ears! ^^ Can't wait too see.
    19. Oh sorry! hhehe

      Quote: I first started making them because I wanted a faerie doll that actually looked like one (I always complain about a human looking doll with butterfly wings..... X3)

      I instantly related since My Resin family are all Cymry with Welsh Fae backgrounds. Gods know how that happened, but hey! it works for us. I knew what you meant with butterfly dolls and my mind just clicked. When I saw your Odette I instantly knew: SHE'S GOT IT! haha A bit Seelie Court, a Bit Faire Elfland, a touch of magic, whimsy and just in pinch of Victoriana (no pun intended).

      And my love of things Celtic, Cymry and fae just leapt out. Gomen. hahaha