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Video Game Or Anime Inspired Dolls

Nov 2, 2017

    1. Have any of you customized a bjd to be inspired by an anime character or a video game character? I was thinking of finding a male bjd and give him orange- red hair and glasses kind of similar to Loke from Fairy Tail! His character and name won't be exactly as Loke but he will have slightly similar looks and personality traits.
    2. I have dolls from Doll Zone that are Rue and Ahiru. :D Currently I only have pictures of their faces b/c I haven't been able to find the right wigs or eyes yet. x.x And they still need to be dressed. >.< I am hoping to have them finished and up by the new year or shortly there after. I totally fell in love with Princess Tutu!

      [​IMG]Rue and Ahiru faced up by Scholar, on Flickr

      Jessiflakes did a great job with both of their face ups I think. :D

      I also have Thancred and Y'shtola dolls from Final Fantasy XIV (who badly need wigs... although at least have better eyes). Not sure if that counts as anime or manga....
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    3. I know I've seen a bunch of anime and game character dolls here and there. Some of my friends have some.

      I'm actually going to be making my first character doll out of the event head coming with my Fairyland order- Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender :)
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    4. @BabySnow is right, there are a bunch of threads about this topic. Try doing a quick search. :)
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    5. I am fairly new to the hobby, so I do not have any completed character dolls yet. These are some characters I plan on making:
      • Gareki from Karneval (I should be receiving the doll for him this month! :dance)
      • Gauche Suede from Tegami Bachi
      • Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
      • Rikku from Final Fantasy X
      • Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII
      There are a few characters from Korean MMOGs that I would like to recreate as well. I am mainly interested in making dolls for characters that are lacking in the merchandise area.
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    6. They both look great! I love the face ups!

      I love Final Fantasy bjd's! I would love to see Hope and Rikku!
      #6 TwilightBabyDoll, Nov 3, 2017
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    7. I really wanna do a bioshock doll. Probably a little sister ,though I would love to build a big sister or bid daddy costume for a doll. In time , when I finished all my current projects, I'll decide ;)
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    8. Final Fantasy is my favorite video game series so I hope to make them soon! :3nodding: I think Rikku would make a perfect BJD since she has so many outfits from Final Fantasy X-2's dressphere system.
    9. I think I've seen a Noctis and a Prompto bjd somewhere online.
    10. I am creating Noctis from FFXV! He is still a wip, but should be done around February!
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    11. I LOVE Anime and video Game inspired Dolls! I dress my VOLKS Arashi (Leigh) Up as all kind of things! Like Skull Kid from Majora's Mask, or Lady bug and Cat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. =D Obviously they're not EXACTLY the character or even accurate, but it's always fun running with what inspires you! I bet you'll make something awesome!
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I also have a character/doll that's really inspired by Faize from Star Ocean 4. He's not the game character, but he has a lot of the same elements like the ears and the hair, and the shoulder cloak thing and green jewel.
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    12. Thank you! Those dolls look amazing! Especially the Skull Kid! The sculpt is super cute!

      It suits him so well! :D
      #13 TwilightBabyDoll, Nov 3, 2017
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    13. Noctis is my absolute favorite from Final Fantasy XV, so I look forward to seeing your version of him! :cheer
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    14. I can't wait to see him!
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    15. Oh my gods, Faize! :XD:

      As for the original post, I would like to do a couple of particular dolls, I want to put together an Aoba from Dramatical Murder (which is both a game and an anime :XD:), and also perhaps a Link.
      Though I'm still in the process of even picking out what dolls I would want for such a thing, so it's still in the future, lol.
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    16. If you don't know, the bjd company Dolk has some great anime character dolls! You could use that for inspiration or buy straight from them.
    17. [​IMG]

      I can give you some tips if you want.
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    18. I plan on my incoming fairyland event head to have a Aloy (from horizon zero dawn) inspired face up. I'd also love to Pidge and Allura (from Voltron legendary defender) but I'm not sure if I'll ever get round to that.

      That sounds great! I seriously love Voltron.
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    19. I'm working on a doll version of Hei from Darker Than Black, and saving for a hybrid to make Gaara from Naruto. The variety of interpretations of anime characters as dolls is pretty cool.
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