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Vier4D collaberation with Mari Rose, new head Noah; new SD17 Platanus shirts

Mar 19, 2012

    1. Noah is $120, make up is an additional $45

      Direct link to Noah's ordering page: http://vier4d.com/shop/index.html?tch=detail&mcate=A402&goods=648

      Copy/Paste from Vier4D:
      Mary Rose : 01 {Noah}

      The First Step of Mary Rose... Noah.
      He or She come with Spring on our world.....

      * Mary Rose Original Head 01 :

      Noah (Basic Skin)

      * Adaptable Ball Joint Doll Body :

      volks SD9 Boy or Girl, volks SD13/SD17 Boy, Luts SSDF/ SDF Boy, and so on..

      * Adaptable eyes :

      14~16mm (The Eye Size of the Photos are 16mm)

      * Head Size :

      9 inches

      * Skin Color Standard :

      volks Pure Skin Normal

      * The Original form Manufacture :

      Mari Rose

      * Body on Image :

      volks SD13 Boy Pure Skin Normal

      {Oder information}

      * Shipping Date : 3~4weeks From order date.
      : The order that make up service included needs 15days more.

      {Make up Option}

      If you want to get the head with face up service,
      Please, select make up option on The item Detail page.
      If you have any questions about this Order, please~ feel free make an inquiry by e-mail.
      Contact E-mail : webmaster@vier4d.com

      Also they have new SD17 Platanus shirts which can be found in 4D's Goth and Lori section. (I swear it used to say Loli).