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Villitunes -- Mizuki Cyclops, Mimi-chu, Bunnycorn, Etc.

Nov 3, 2016

    1. The pre-order has only been open for a day and almost all of them are gone. Purple Mizuki is already sold out and there's only four grey left.

      Who was able to get there order in? Are you exicted? What made you decided to order?
    2. Yea I just discovered this artist and I'm so bummed that the lavender is sold out :/ Hopefully other fantasy colors will be re-released so I can get my hands on one!
    3. She added more spots for the purple at one point since the first went so fast. But I guess those are gone now to. She is having a giveaway on instagram. I don't know if the doll will be free, or just a chance to buy one.
      #3 TechnicolorFox, Mar 12, 2017
      Last edited: May 18, 2017
    4. On June first there's another pre-order. I thought she was going to wait until December. I'm so glad she's finally releasing the color I want, Mint green. And apparently peach as well.
    5. Ohhhh Villitunes is doing a summer sale! buy 2 dolls and you get 10% off buy 3 to get 15% off!
    6. I saw. I'm looking at my wallet, it doesn't agree with me right now, lol. I would love to get two Cyclops babies. One in violet and the other in mint.
    7. Same here ^^;; I'm currently waiting for some other dolls so I can't ;__;
    8. Me too..I'm waiting in a doll zone body. It's been over six months x.x

      But I still might get cyclops. The first batch already went out. I wish I could see more pictures of it T.T
    9. whoa 6 months?! That's a long time! I think the longest for me was 4 months and then my order got cancelled T__T

      Have you tried looking on luna_mikkelsen's IG? She has a Cyclops and posts photos of her :D Also PM me if you're thinking of getting her. Maybe we can get 10% off if I decide to get her as well :O
    10. Well almost six months. But it feels like years, lol. It will me six months at the end of August..

      I don't have an IG since I rarely take pictures, but I'll definitely check it out. And I'll also keep that in mind ^_^
    11. I got an order in (second/June pre-order), for a violet Mizuki. Has anyone actually received theirs from the first pre-order yet???
    12. I didn't order one but I think on IG she said she recently just finished doing face ups for them...
    13. I ordered a peach one on June 3, along with two jumpsuits, but have no idea when they will be ready.
    14. @april I stalk her Facebook from time to time. And I know for a fact that atleast two people have them, lol. But it could be from the first preorder.

      One from her IG giveaway. A Gray Cyclops. The winner has a box opening video on YouTube. And another Violet one, which is also a box opinion video.
    15. I was wondering about the FIRST (Nov.) pre-order, because I hadn't seen any arrivals at all. I figured the 2nd pre-order would be way after the first group!

      I saw the youtube about the giveaway grey cyclops. It was cute--and kind of horrific because customs cut through the bottom of the doll box to check the contents!!! I'd never seen that before! :o But her doll was OK.

      I am doing layaway, so I KNOW mine isn't arriving anytime soon. :sweat

      I also ordered some clothes and wigs... Clothes because they were very cute outfits and it's not easy to fit the tiny doll with unusual proportions.

      It's funny--I wasn't really into cyclops anything, but I just got some Fingertip Dreamland kitties and then saw Mizuki... and couldn't resist! (I DO love fantasy dolls and a large range of sizes/shapes/colors... so it's not that odd for me, I guess!)
    16. Me and me! As far as why I ordered the jumpsuits and not being into cyclops until I saw The Four Maru's of the Apocalypse. When I saw Mizuki I thought she would make a great friend for the kitties.
    17. I SO know what you mean!

      I saw the kitties... thought... I really SHOULDN'T, but so adorable and not THAT expensive... I'd seen Mizuki before and resisted, but then... I thought... she would look so cool with the kitties!!! So the kitties turned out to be more expensive, after all! I have really no will-power when it comes to dolls... and no matter how small, they keep demanding friends... :doh*_*:...(

      I love your kitties, btw. Beautifully painted! I haven't painted mine yet... They won't be anything fancy, though... I'm just making them siamese... although I might change my mind if my violet Mizuki arrives first... It's possible I'll paint them something to match her... but I really like siamese and got them blue eyes for that reason... We'll see! :kitty2
    18. @april You know, my husband doesn't usually have much to say about my dolls, an occasional comment here and there, but when he saw me looking at the Marus online he said, "You're not getting those are you? They're creepy!" But I was already in love and we don't actually monitor each other's purchases so...

      There are so many beautifully painted Marus out there, I knew I had to come up with something different and thought and thought and thought about it until I came up with the four seasons theme and then the triptych effect. Then I had to find an artist who could handle it--Dybbuk here on DoA. We collaborated on the final look and I think she did an amazing job.

      Sorry to go off topic, but, to bring Mizuki back into it, I think she will be a perfect companion, size and everything. Don't know what my husband will think of her!
    19. @phanuel -- Wonderful theme! I love it! ... I think I saw your Autumn kitty-- in the Zombie bottle pic? Gorgeous.

      The cats were sort of my entry into cyclops dolls. They were just so adorable! Funny how different people react, though. It's hard to think of anyone being creeped out by them. But I know people who are creeped out by ANY doll or figure! And it's often the eyes... so maybe one BIG eye staring at them is somehow worse??? --Hopefully your husband will get used to them. I think people can get used to things. The kitties just seem so innocuous and cute. Maybe that will help? Then he can work up to not being freaked out by Mizuki! :kitty1

      I wasn't sure about getting Mizuki before... but with the cyclops kitties... they really did seem to just go together!

      It's great that Mizuki is on-topic. Hopefully she'll show up often-- with cyclops kitties in the photos.

      Peach color sounds very cool. I can't wait to see ANY owner photos, actually.
    20. I've seen on Instagram that atleast 6 people have gotten their ciclops. But I know for sure that there are many other owners who are still waiting for their Mizukis. Or that is how I feel at least since there were so many orders placed even to the first order:lol:

      Wish I had the money for the cutie! Grey would be my number one choice for the color. But we'll see, if sometime in the future I'll get one somehow.