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Vings Doll Discussion

Oct 13, 2018

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    1. Has anyone purchased one/two of the heads?
      I'm so curious to see owner pictures, because I think I might be in love with them ><;
      They'd be so perfect for twin characters!
    2. I am over a year late but I have to say... I love the sculpt. The best part is that it's not a limited release or getting discontinued or anything like that, so I can /finally/ get my hands on one when I started working full time!!
      Here are pictures of my new boy, fresh from my face-up artist:

      Asked for some touch ups on lips which I kinda regretted because it makes him look make-up heavy, but hey I may raise him as a girl instead~ (and also wow phone vs proper camera makes hella difference)


      Can't wait for him to come home QAQ shipping delays suck aaaah
      #3 willowspell, Mar 26, 2020
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    3. It's nice to see someone finally has one of the heads on the board.
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    4. ahahahaha honestly I am pretty surprised! I feel that he's quite an underappreciated sculpt overseas given his popularity in China.
      One major complaint I've heard is that it's hard to find him the right body, given how small his head is. Advice from some other owners is that although the official store recommends bodies ~68-72cm (sd17 size), ~62-65cm (sd13?) really fits him better proportion wise.

      It'll be a challenge, but am looking forward to it all the same XD
    5. @willowspell Thanks for the info! I've been interested in getting a head for a while, but have been putting it off.
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    6. I never expected this thread would update ><

      @willowspell The faceup is gorgeous, really brings out the potential of the sculpt. The detail of the eyes is probably my favorite part. And those eyebrows and skin texturing!
      Fingers crossed for quick & safe shipping.
      Do you think he'd match well with SWITCH resin?
    7. @Ciel98 Thank you for the kind words and well wishes ^^ I love the eyes and subtle textures too! Now I am saving for a proper camera because… lots of details get lost with phone photography );

      Also! Honestly I have no idea about resin match. I am waiting on Rion but I got him with normal skin which probably isn't too near (this head is white). Crept to Ving's taobao and translated the resin recommendation there:

      volks/dollzone/longsoul/2D doll
      (white will have slightly less colour difference than normal/tan)
      popo68/soom (nearly no colour difference for light tan)

      Hopefully this helps with … inferencing /squints
      #8 willowspell, Mar 27, 2020
      Last edited: Mar 27, 2020
    8. Vings is now selling their 70cm body. You can find more info at their Instagram page @dollvings

      According to an answer they gave to someone's comment, the 68cm body should be following in April.

      I like the 70cm body, but I'm waiting for the 68cm one.
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    9. So, I changed my mind and bought the 70cm body. I still plan on picking up a 68cm body, but after trying all my floating heads on the bodies I already own last night I decided that at least one of them would look better on a 70cm body. I'm hoping to put my Another Secret Dragon head on the body.
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    10. I'm looking at that 70cm body and trying to hold my credit cards back. . . it's difficult lol. I may have to get it! I hadn't actually heard of this company before . . . but that bod is PRETTY.
    11. @TatterPunk Which resin color would you get one in? I ordered Volks normal.
    12. I'm still figuring that all out lol. I really like his aesthetic, but I'm not yet sure on joints or if his shoulder width will work just yet too . .
    13. @TatterPunk I know what you mean. Thankfully the measurements of the body were fairly close to a body I already own so I was able to get an idea of what the head I want the body for might look like on the body.

      Hopefully, you'll be able to get one, and it ends up working out for you. :)
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    14. I definitely hope he will work too! He looks very nice and it's so hard for me to find bodies which aren't Dollshe that I really like lol.
    15. @TatterPunk It's funny you mention Dollshe because the thing I liked about this body is that the aesthetic reminds me of the Dollshe Pure Body, which I own one of, and regret not getting at least another one.
    16. Yes! He reminds me of something right between Pure and Mystic which is a rather nice area to be!
    17. I saw on insta vings will release the 68cm body in june!! I really like the way it looks. I wonder how much it will be?
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    18. Does anyone know if the resin on the Vings will match Ringdoll normal skin color. I have ordered the Ringdoll version 4 male body 68cm and like this Ving body 68cm better. Thoughts of putting together the ving 68cm and the Ringdoll RGM head. Thanks all