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Vintage dress

Oct 10, 2008

    1. Hi,

      I've looking to buy a Kid Delf and was wondering if someone could tell me of places I can buy period/vintage style clothing for a doll of this size?:)

    2. In my experience, the best way to be sure the clothes will fit (and that they're in good condition) is to take your doll with you to a doll show. There will almost always be plenty of dealers with boxes of vintage doll clothes to sell, and if you ask politely and don't get in the way of other customers, most dealers are happy to let you hold the clothes up to your doll, or even try them on.

      I've found some wonderful vintage things for my BJDs at doll shows in this region--and we don't even have any really big doll shows, just little ones! Besides, when I'm carrying a BJD, he or she always attracts a lot of interest among non-BJD collectors at the show, which is a great way to introduce people to our hobby.

      Sometimes thrift shops (Oxfam, etc.) will have boxes of vintage doll clothes from estates and housecleaning sales. Again, if you ask the people in charge, you might be able to try things on your doll instead of buying on a guess.

      EBay is full of vintage doll clothes, of course, but it's awfully hard to know whether they'll fit. Even if the measurements sound right, the proportions of BJDs are often wildly different from the proportions of vintage dolls. But if you know of a specific vintage doll that's the same size and proportions as your Kid Delf, then eBay would be a better bet: you could just search in the "Dolls & Bears" category for clothes to fit that vintage doll.

      ETA: Or did I misunderstand your question? Are you really looking for period/vintage style clothes, instead of actual vintage doll clothes?
    3. I meant style, sorry, I wasn't being clear ^^;
    4. Best way is to just look around honestly. And try the Kid Delf Disscusion thread. That's all they talk about really.
    5. if you are willing to pay, Arcadia dolls makes beautiful vintage/period style clothing.
      they have a thread her somewhere.
    6. Sylphide on the board makes pretty period costumes. you should give us a better idea of what you're looking for. vintage can mean 1980 these days.