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Visuadoll or V doll

Dec 16, 2010

    1. Hi all,
      I just wonder if anyone here ever heard about Visua doll.
      Here is few photos from the artist's flickr (Mitsubachi@BabyBee). Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/10362759@N05/sets/72157607428355735/with/4077601076/
      I really love these doll but I don't know much about them. I just know they are character for a movie chanel in Japan.
      If anyone know more about them, please let me know. Thank you so much.
    2. Oh my god, that head is adorable. I must order one, I think i'll take a risk >< I'll tell you how it goes.
    3. Ooh i want one too~!
      Isnt there any way for international orders?Or an english website perhaps? =/
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    5. With the interest will be waiting for your posts :)
    6. I know Mandarake has them up every so often. You can probably use "Visuadoll" in the search engine. ;)
    7. Obitsu with Gretel heads. Just like my Z and my Mitzi.
    8. I've decided against it because it's not possible to buy the head only. Vynl head + resin body would be ok but i'm not intrested in a complete vynl doll.
    9. Visuadoll uses 5 custom sculpts (not standard Obitsus or Parabox heads), 4 of which are available through Biglobe.
    10. Thank you so much for your all response!!! Make life much easier!
    11. I just saw a couple of these in person yesterday. They're absolutely stunning! Are they for sure on topic?
    12. The Visuadolls use the Obitsu 50cm (for the girls) and Obitsu 55cm (for the guys) bodies so you can post about them in the Obitsu threads with out fear.
    13. Does any of you have a Visuadoll? :D
    14. I actually just bought one yesterday - A Yuuto. I'll certainly post pics when he arrives!
    15. They are fabulous, but sooo expensive! I wish they sold the heads alone- the heads really are stunning. Not sure why anyone would want to put a vinyl head on a resin body- the 50 cm Obitsu body is incredible. It's my favorite of all bodies, vinyl or resin.
    16. Not to mention, I had to buy him as a full set! But that's fine, since I'm not sure if he'd fit in the clothes I have for my other SD-size boys. I haven't tried them on yet.

      I'm still torn between two pairs of eyes....
      I guess I should post his picture in the Obitsu thread :)
    17. Yes, the two girls, Sora and Moegi.


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    18. Do they have the white or the natural Obitsu skintone..?
    19. Pretty sure they are white.
      Damn. WHY DON'T THEY SELL THOSE HEADS?????????
      Not that I don't love Gretel and Haruka, and the Sheba head is nice too. But...still........those are d*mn nice heads.