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VitreousSanity13's Feedback Thread

Oct 13, 2010

    1. Please post here if you've had a transaction with this user!

      I sold a pair of eyes to VS13 and it was a great transaction. Communication was great, payment was fast, and VS13 let me know as soon as the eyes arrived. I would definitely do business with this user again!
    2. I have a perfect sale with VitreousSanity13. Sold a Soom doll with a short hold period. Paid very fast, ahead of schedule, great communication and lovely to deal with. Could not ask for a better buyer. Highly recommended. Thank you very much.
    3. I sold a Soom Romantic Bygg head to VitreousSanity13. I came across her WTB for it; she asked for a short hold period, after which she quickly sent payment and shipping info. I did have to check in to make sure that she had gotten the head alright, but all in all this was a great transaction.
      Thanks VitreousSanity13! :)
    4. I sold a Soom Chalco on Layaway to VitreousSanity13. Very friendly, very easy to communicate, always quick to send the layaway payments and even informed me when the doll arived. I would love to sell/buy again!