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Volks 1/6 clothing

Sep 23, 2008

    1. Has anyone ever tried the Volks 1/6 clothing on their dolls? If so, how did it fit?

      Mimiwoo has a shirt that says it fits Pullip (My PpoPpo can wear Pullip) and they have a pair of shoes that would fit (3.5 cm)

      Anyone ever tried it?
    2. bumping because I really am curious and love about half the things they have on their site.
    3. I can and have put 1/6th scale Volks clothes on my Pullips. They were best fit on type 2 Pullips, too tight on type 1 Pullips, some styles were a touch awkward for type 3 Pullips since type 3 is the smallest body type. But, overall they worked well so I'd imagine they would then work for your Ppo-Ppo doll.
    4. Rock ON! Thanks!
    5. I'm currious if anyone has tried volks 1/6 clothing on any other dolls as well. I have a bobobie on order and I'm wondering if those clothes will fit her when she gets here.
    6. I have a Volks 1/6 WTG Boyfriend shirt and it fit (albeit tightly) on a Bambicrony... With the newer Bambicrony bodies, I imagine the fit would be much nicer.

    7. Thank you for the insight! I have some volks clothes and I figure I'll just have to give it a shot when she finally gets here. Hopefully some stuff will fit, if not, then my dollfies will be that much happier :) I'll try and remember to post here when I find out how they fit on Bei.
    8. oh yes please do because one of those is on my wishlist!
    9. I really like the WTG-Boyfriends clothing lines for my Yos. They fit well, considering the dolls they were originally intended for. Sleeve length can run a bit long, and some of the shirts have a slightly 'one-size-too-big' look that I find cute.

      And it's the only place where I can find a decent selection of boyish clothes for my boy that didn't have lace. Or frill.

      I call this his Army Prison Break outfit. *lol* Sleeves were rolled up. Pant are baggy, but are the correct length on him.

      And here's a shoot I did of my girl wearing a shirt from the selfish line.

      Hope this helps.
    10. ohhh my doll is much more slender than a Yo...

      But I may get a Minigem or a Bambicrony so I may be able to pull it off...
    11. The Boyfriends' lines run larger than the normal Who's That Girl lines. It's a tight squeeze to fit WTG clothes on my Yos.
    12. My dolls are slimmer: A Bei and a PpoPpo
    13. I've found that WTG-Boyfriends shoes actually fit well on Lati Yellow Specials; better with socks on. I haven't tried any footwear from the Who's That Girl lines yet.

      These sandals are my favorite on my girl--

      And has anyone tried any of the Who's That Girl clothing (not for Boyfriends) on Littlefeés or Ange Ais? I'm really curious as to how they'd look.
    14. I'll be trying it on my slender 1/6 dolls...I heard it's tight for Yo sized dolls with the girl line...I saw a bambicrony? wear it once.
    15. I'm wondering if they will fit Little Fee. He can wear some Ken clothes, so perhaps they will. Not sure the shoes will fit though.
    16. Okay.. LittleFeé and Ange Ai can wear WTG clothing quite nicely.

      Removing hands and feet is really recommended for anything reasonably fitting. Which means that LittleFeé have an advantage in the amount of clothing available to wear. Ange Ai would have an easier time getting into looser clothes.

      And layering WTG clothing on each other can be really tight in the shoulders. Pants run a bit long.

      WTG shoes won't fit Lati Yellow Sp., they're small! But it might fit the Whites?
    17. the Boyfriends shoes are larger.
    18. Yup, I know. I've a pair of Boyfriends shoes that fit my Lati Yellow Sp., and another that fits my LittleFeé. *_* It really varies.