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Volks 2006 Autumn Sato Event & New FCS

Sep 20, 2006

    1. This time, new Angel "Yuh" will be released. Kasumi will be sold, too.



      I love Yuh's face:D I want her badly...!! But I can't go to Sato on 7th for my family T_T.
    2. She is so sweet! Just like a baby Emma!! Will she be a limited like the other Yo Tenshi?
    3. perhaps a stupid question - but is there a way if you're in the US to get one of these yo-tenshi? or is it only through second hand market to get them?
    4. Oh god I love the new angel!! So does this mean they are releasing the new FCS elves at Sato only? Or will they be available at all Tenshi no Sumika stores?
    5. Dear Usagi,
      I think Kasumi is a 2nd Angel like Yuki. Yuu might be 3rd Angel...and she looks like little Emma!! I agree ;)

      Dear Darkmothflame,
      I'm sorry this type invitations are sent to VIP or VS members who live in Japan (or maybe who has Japanese address). On the Sato Event day, many and many fans come and usually most of them or a part of them can't get limited Angels :( It's really hard to get limited Angels for Japanese, too...

      Dear Fireflytranc,
      Volks says Sumika has special FCS fair soon. So a part of Sato limited heads might be available in Sumikas, too. (F-17 etc?) But I don't know about this yet, so I can't declare. I'm sorry!
      But I think, if Elves are added in FCS line, they must be Sato only head. (This is my opinion ^^; )
    6. Since my friend in Japan (and me with her address) have membership, is it some sort of lottery you need to enter to go to Sato to get the tenshis that day or can anyone with membership just show up and order one? ^^
    7. Ria_ria - So you think the new elf heads will become Sato-only? Will they be removed from Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA?
    8. Yeah, the elves are already available at the LA Sumika, in all three (3!) skintones, and last time I was there I got the impression that they weren't going to be leaving. she said the tan elves would be pretty much impossible after october, but the other tones would be staying.
    9. Those two are the new full-choice heads. They were released at the August 5th LA Tea Party. There's a full thread about them here --> http://denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79512

      There are some nice pictures of each of the heads, with and without faceup, as well as color photos of the two models at the top of the page ^^ Currently, they're only available at Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA, but it looks like they'll be available at Tenshi-no-Sato now, as well :3
    10. Am I correct that they are rereleasing the optional Yo-Tenshi wings as well? :)
    11. They are releasing the optional wings in "momiji" colors. Momiji is the Japanese maple, so perhaps these will be red-tinged for the autumn!
    12. Anyone know if there will be any new color wings for the Yo-Tenshi? I'm still looking for style 01 or 02 in pink. I know there are white and pink ones, but as I can't read that flyer I'm not sure if there will be another color again.
    13. What I wouldn't give for a chance to own Yuu! I want a Yo-sized doll so badly right now, and she's so darling! Do you think she'll be rereleased, like Kasumi?
    14. Dear Celebare,
      I think elves heads will be limiteds in LA and Sato. And a part of, or all of past Sato limiteds will be available in other Sumikas...(But I can't declare this yet :sweat )
      Your pictures are great!! When you posted them, I enjoyed them very much:fangirl: Thank you very much!!!

      Dear Twotone,
      Yes, Momiji is Japanese maple. Volks will use soft colour for wings, so I think the Momiji wings will have soft red colour as you think :D

      Dear S2kitty,
      I saw Sato has white wings in their shop on 16th (my Sato trip day). But I can't predict whether we can get them after this event. Maybe white wings are available, though... (I think pink wings were sold out and I couldn't see them in Sato.)

      Dear Lolita,
      I can't predict whom will be released again by Volks :sweat I had expected Sweet Dream Sakaki and Kasumi or Yuki, but only Kasumi will be sold. If many fans couldn't buy Yuu and asked Mr.Shigeta to release Yuu again, Yuu might be sold again next March...??? (I heard Kasumi got many requests ("Please sell Kasumi again!".)
    15. Oh wow, I really hope they move MSD F-07 to Sumika! :D

      Any idea if US fans can speed up Sakaki-SD's release? :D
    16. There ia a notebook in Sato and we can write personal impression / request / memory etc. Mr.Shigeta often comes to Sato (I met him on 16th) and often read the notebook. Sato staff says Mr.Shigeta read it and grasp the needs from owners well :)
      I think request is important ^_^. If our requests don't come true quickly, it may come true someday:aheartbea
      In LA, you can tell your hopes and requests to staffs and your voices must reach to Mr.Shigeta ;)
    17. I thought it had been confirmed that Sakaki-SD was never going to be released? I could have sworn Mr. Shigeta had said something about that. x_x
    18. Well he never told me :) ria_ria just said in a previous post that she was expecting him to be released at this event so it must not have been mentioned to Japanese fans either.
    19. Hey, I was in Ginza today and the heads that are being moved as SD F-14, F17 and F25.
    20. You mean moved to the Tenshi no Sumikas?