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Volks 2007 July Event / New Standard Models! / New FCS system

Jun 23, 2007

    1. I went to Sato today and found this poster.

      New Standard SD Boy "マーク(Mark)" & SD13 Girl "エレナ(Erena? Elena? Ellena?)".
      At first, their "First Limited Editions" are sold. At the same time, the pre-order of Standard Editions is started, too.

      Some of Sato exclusive heads will be available from 14th July.
      MSD, SD, SD13B Beauty White Option Parts will be available, too.


      Mark First Limited Edition
      Eyes : Citrine with Black line 18mm
      Wig : Mark Original, DD size
      Body : UV Protect

      Mark Standard
      Eyes : SD-01 Blue (acryliceye) : 18mm
      Wig : DD-No.94 Long Shaggy (Sato FCS exclusive wig) / Colour 27 Natural Gold
      Body : UV Protect


      Elena First Limited Edition
      Eyes : RoseWood with Black Line : 18mm
      Wig : Elena Original, DD size
      Body : UV Protect, L Bust Body

      Elena Standard
      Eyes : Citrine with Black line : 18mm
      Wig : W-115-D (?) / Colour 10 Classic Gold
      Body : UV Protect, L Bust Body

      ~ Discussion thread for Mark & Elena ~

      New Dress Fair will be held, too.
    2. Oh, the girl is very cute :) So how can you uptain the limited edition version? Is that only at Sato?

      Thanks so much for posting this!!
    3. They are new Standards and will be sold in Volks USA, too, I think :D
    4. Im elated to learn that these standards will eventually be released in VolksUSA. But will the limited edition versions also be released at VolksUSA?

      I am looking forward to getting a Mark. Im still unsure about Elena (sp?), but Id love to see more photos of her. Im very happy to Volks for released more realistic and beautiful standards!
    5. Does this mean that some Sato only heads will be available to order at the event, or are they adding them to standard FCS? That would be exciting!

    6. I can't know how they will do yet, but maybe some of Sato only heads will be available all time after 14th July and it means Volks USA Sumika FCS has more heads. (It's not 100% thing yet, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry!!! :sweat )
    7. One would hope Mark and Elena are being added to at least Sato FCS and hopefully FCS at the Sumikas as well. ^^;; Maybe those are the heads in question? :sweat
    8. I would say that the Elena with the curly wig is the LE version, with the straight wig is the standard version. And the Mark with the brown wig is the LE version, with the sandy wig is the standard version.

      Like the Kun/Yori/Link release where they did the LE/standard versions, the LEs will come with the different wigs and also apparently with glass eyes rather than acrylics. Also in addition unfortunately the LE versions do NOT come with the pretty outfits that they're pictured wearing -- they come with the standard slip and panties for Elena and the t-shirt and boxers for Mark. :sweat This was the same with Kun/Yori/Link.
      (Don't quote me on this as this is purely my theory but I reckon they will release the outfits that they're wearing at the Dress Fair that they're saying will also be held in July.)

      The Japanese fans are also debating over whether they look like F-32/F-33/F-34. :D

      Ahhh, I'm SO excited, this is exactly the kind of happy-happy-joy-joy news that I needed on a day like today. :dance

      Rkold, when Kun, Yori and Link were released, their heads were added to Sato FCS but not to Sumika FCS initially. They were added to Sumika FCS much later. I kind of expect them to do the same with Mark and Elena... so I'm hoping some other heads make it to Sumika instead. Maybe F-26/F-27? (That's my random hopeful guess anyway!)
    9. When will these two be available on the volks website? Do we have to go to the fair to get the limited editions?
    10. I have a question as well, will the limited faceups be different from the standard ones?
      Also, Does it state anywhere what size her bust is?
    11. The poster mentions this fair would be held on the web, too. The BW skin option parts will be sold, too.

      Manami, pictures Cassiel uploaded here have both faceups. Please look these two pics. 01=Elena First Limited Edition, 02=Standard Elena, 03=Mark First Limited Edition, 04=Standard Mark. It's a little difficult for me to judge, but maybe First Editions have lip glosses and Standards don't have them???

      I'm sorry we can't know the bust size from this poster...

      Thank you very much Cassiel for all of your great support :love
    12. Any word about FCS optional ears? Will any be available for this event?
    13. Maybe new ears won't be added this time. And currently Volks isn't selling ears only as option parts...

      When I got more info, I'll post them here :)
    14. Info about eyes.

      Mark First Limited Edition : Citrine with Black line 18mm
      Elena First Limited Edition : RoseWood with Black Line : 18mm

      Mark Standard : SD-01 Blue (acryliceye) : 18mm
      Elena Standard : Citrine with Black line : 18mm