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Volks 2nd Perfect Catalogue is now available.

Jan 28, 2005

    1. I popped into a couple of Volks stores yesterday and was delighted to find that the 2nd Volks Perfect Catalogue had just arrived that day. I had a nice long browse through the colour pictures section, and it is to die for -- they have colour pics of every FCS head in the new FCS, for both SD and MSD, with faceup and pictures from different angles. For some of the heads (namely, F-16, F-17 and the new boy heads ^^) they have two full pages of pics, with a couple of different faceups and wearing different outfits. They also have colour pics of all the new Limited Edition and Standard releases since the last Perfect Catalogue, and colour pics of the school heads as well.
      Gosh darn, the colour pics alone make it worth the cover price. *_*

      Unfortunately when I went to Shinjuku to pick up my copy (which I had already pre-ordered and paid for in full) they weren't in stock at Shinjuku yet. :oops: But I got a call today saying they're in, so I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow and find out what else is in it and give a more detailed review. :grin:

      In the meantime, if you have it on pre-order anywhere (such as amazon.co.jp or.. wherever else it was available? I'm not sure) you should be receiving your copy pretty soon.

    2. Cassiel...can you give me your livejournal username...I seem to have lost it somewhere in the endless space of my favourite webpages... :oops:

    3. Hi Sabriell ^^

      I'll PM it to you!
    4. Hm.. would it be alright to ask if anyone who has the catalogue and a scanner available to scan the pictures with the new FCS SD/SD13 F-14 head? :?
    5. I could probably get it when I go, right? :D
    6. Probably a goofy question, but about how much does one cost? *would love to see some of those pictures*
    7. you can pic it up on hlj.com, for 1,900 yen plus ship
    8. Oh, thank-you! :daisy
    9. Seconded! I'd love to buy a copy, but if I can't spare the cash (you know you're a doll lover when you've run out of spending money because you spent it all on fake eyeballs!) I'd love a scan of this page. I'm so curious about this headmold...

      (of course, being tempting into buying a $1,000 FCS probably isn't the best thing for my bank account ^^;; )
    10. Hiya

      wats it under please at HLJ as :oops: not getting any where with my search, tho have been at work basically for last 24 hrs so shattered.... so prob me havin a blonde moment lol

      thanks alot :daisy
    11. Mine's been shipped, apparently, so I'll warm my scanner up, shall I?
    12. I found it searching for "Perfect"


      This is it, right?


    13. yuppers! I found it searching under the term dollfie ^^. (though good idea on using perfect!)
    14. Volks had it on their website as well...limited copies left but it was there.
    15. I found it and ordered one :grin: Thank you :D
    16. It'd be really awesome if you would, Lyn! :D
    17. A bit more of a detailed review to follow up my previous brief post, now that I actually have my own copy in hand.. ^^

      The 2nd Perfect Catalogue starts off with full colour pages detailing all of the new Limited Editions released since the previous Catalogue. It then has pics of all the new standards since the previous Catalogue.

      This is followed by full colour pics of all the heads available in the SD/SD13 FCS. Each one is shown with a full face-up (and pretty outfit ^^) and each head has at least three face shots from different angles to give you a good idea of the head, as well as a full body shot. Some are normal skintone, some are beauty white, some are sunlight. Some are on standard girl or boy bodies, some are on SD13 girl or boy bodies. (It details all this information, but in Japanese of course -- if you get your copy and can't read it and want to know specifics, feel free to ask. ^^)
      Some heads get more space than others -- the F-01 head (standard Nana/Megu/Sara/Kira) head has a full page, F-02 to F-12 and F-15 get half a page each (though you get to see a sunlight skintone Nono, a boy Megu 13 and a boy Nono13, and a girl Syo ^^), the new F-13, F-14, F-16, F-17, F-19, F-20, and F-21 get two pages each and two different models each, and the new F-18 gets a full page as well. (For both the F-14 and F-17 heads, one model is a girl and one model is a boy, to show you how different they can be. ^^)

      Next up is full colour pics of all the heads available in the new MSD FCS. Again, each is shown with a full face-up and nice outfit, and gets several shots from different angles. F-01, F-02 and F-03 share one page, F-04 and F-05 get a page each, F-06 and F-07 get two pages and two models, F-08, F-09, F-10 and F-11 get a page each, and F-12 and F-13 get half a page each.

      There's then colour pics of all the currently available wig styles, as well as info about who they're available for (SD, MSD, DD or SDC) and what colours they're available in. This is followed by colour pics of the four types of eyes that Volks sells -- the Metallic Acrylics, the Animetic Eyes, the HG glass eyes, and the Zoukeimura glass eyes.

      Then there's a page devoted to colour pics of School Head B, followed by a page devoted to colour pics of School Head A.

      And the last colour page is devoted to... the SD Cute boy, Arashi. ^o^ There's some nice lovely clear pics of him! It also says that they are planning to release him in May. I guess that means he'll be sold at the next Dolpa!

      After that in the black and white section is a huge FAQ, starting off with such basic questions as "What are Super Dollfie?" and "Where does the name come from?" and going on to detail all sorts of things from where to buy them to how to string them and apply make-up, to info about the FCS, the greeting ceremony, Tenshi no Sato, Limited Editions, the difference between the two resin types, to info about the concepts behind Limiteds and One-Offs (including interviews with Mikey and Valico) to.. gosh, I could go on for ages. There's 70 questions in all!
      Of course it's all in Japanese (^_^; sorry, I don't think I'm up to translating it!) but it sure is detailed and there's some interesting stuff in there. :grin:

      This is followed by a timeline that continues where the one in the last Catalogue left off, and then some information about the popularity of SD in countries outside of Japan. ^o^ Yep, they talk about America, and there's some info about the SD Convention in Texas along with some small pics, and also some info about the Dolpas held in Korea, and some stuff about Western magazines having SD articles in them, including some small pics of some articles and magazines, some of which we're pretty familiar with. ^^

      Then there's some info about the Kyoto Hobby Channel and some pics of what SD stories they've run on there, and maps of how to get to all the Volks stores in Japan, and.. that's it!

      It sure is a damn nice book to be in possession of, though! ^o^ If the first Catalogue is the equivalent of an SD Bible, does that make this one the New Testament? ^_~

      (As for the one actually called the SD Bible.. well, that's just a pretty picture book as far as I'm concerned! The Catalogues are what I swear by! ^^)
    18. ::prods at:: can i convince you to pick me up a copy? :wiggle

      i will reward you handsomely! >:3 lol
    19. Cookies and eternal gratitude to anyone who can produce a pic of the SDC boy!!
    20. Deanna: I'd love to, but I'm going home in a week and I'm completely out of time to get stuff for people, unfortunately. ^^; Otherwise I'd be more than happy to help! Sorry...

      Kiwiflowers: I don't have a scanner, but I do have a digicam, so...


      Can I have some cookies now? :daisy

      (sorry it's not a great shot, had to use the flash so it's on a bit of an angle and has flash glare, but.. hey, it's a start. ^^)