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Volks AllTenshis discussion (Yo-Tenshi, Sei-Tenshi,Rei-Tenshi)

Mar 18, 2012

    1. Let's discuss the vagaries of dressing dollies with wings. How do you deal with wings and odd sized dolls.

      Volks pages on Tenshis

      I know sometimes they also just like going au natural.

      Ok one of my big problems right now are finding shoes for sei-tenshis. Their feet are bigger than pukifee/lati yellow and smaller than yo. Anyone find boy shoes that work for their feet?

      I found outfits that tie at the neck work well with sei wings.

      With yotenshis do you like outfits that have naatural wing look or do you attach the wings over the clothes?

      ...Mod Notes...


      Sei-tenshi and Yo-Sd together:

      Volks Sei-Tenshi and Rei-Tenshi part 1:
    2. When I use the wings (which is seldom), I attach them over clothing. I haven't had a problem with slippage, but I try to make sure there aren't to many layers of clothing between the magnets.
    3. clochette: I love wings but like you I keep them on the doll seldomly. I usually put them on for photos. I noticed some of the brader wingspans have less grip than the smaller ones.
    4. I really want one of those dolls... but Rei and Sei are just impossible on YJ! ! The price is crazy... even for me in Japan !
    5. Reitenshi's wings are strung on, attached with eyelet-hooks to a string inside the body. I once had one of Jimmy's wings come unscrewed & pop off.... got a friend to help fix (a second pair of steady hands is essential for navigating something so small!), and managed it with a little nervewracking fishing-around with a crochet hook & offset needlenose tweezers.

      Aside from that, I never have to worry much about the wings. They don't get in the way of clothing, because clothing is out of the question. Shoes are out of the question because his feet are fused together. And his hair is strips of fun-fur donated by the Hair Club for Fetuses. I am actually saving a fortune not-shopping for this guy. ^^

    6. JennyNemesis:Wow that was really informative I had no idea the wings were strung on with rei-tenshi.
      SeiTenshis have their wings stuck on with wires that go through a hole in the back. Mine are fused on though I've seen pictures on the internet where the had come off.

      Jimmy is adorable. He's such a character for an embryo.

      aishiteruI know how you feel. I stalk Y!J alot. Once someone outbid me on the last 5 minutes on a reitenshi, it was so frustrating and sad. I think the second hand prices are higher in Japan than in DoA marketplace. The last Dolpa I went to the two persons sitting either side of me won a SeiTenshi.
    7. Yeah, it's tricky for such a tiny little body! The holes in the eyelet-screws are threaded onto the elastic that runs through his chest, from arm to arm... then the screw-ends screw into the wings. Jimmy's wing must've unscrewed itself from having me rotate it back into position one too many times (they do tend to get rotated during transit & handling). I dread the day I have to restring him completely. ;;

      Wires, eh? I had assumed that Seitenshi used magnets! But I guess they hadn't gotten to that point in engineering yet. I'm very glad Reitenshi doesn't use magnets-- these wings are so teensy, like the size of confetti, I could totally see them getting knocked off every time the doll rubs against something. What a nightmare that'd be.

      I don't know how Volks packed so much attitude & personality into a fetus... but they say these Tenshi choose their owners, and I had never even wanted one, so they knew what they were doing when they sent ol' Diamond Jim over here to me. :aangel: I guess every house gets the angel it deserves.
    8. JennyNemesis: Sounds like ReiTenshis have slightly more poseable wings than a SeiTenshi from how you describe. So there's a hole slot in the torso the eyelet goes through
      then it hook on to the string?

      SeiTenshis predate the YoTenshis, they have magnetic wings.

      I found this photo via google of how SeiTenshis wings go on. I'm not sure what adhesive Volks uses to attach the wings to the bar but I think it has some as they really rigid and attached flush to the body. The wires in the wings go into the holes in that bar.

      I know ReiTenshis are tiny and not as jointed as some similar sized dolls but each one I've seen has so much attitude in them.
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    9. Yes, there's two holes in his back where the wings are strung on. As far as I can tell, there's no separate string between the wings-- the eyelets are just attached to the string that runs from arm-to-arm. Simple yet effective. It's kinda hard to pull the wings far enough out to see/show it, but that is what I discovered when 1 fell off. ;;

      And yes, you can rotate the angle of the wings, so I guess that's "posing". But these wings are so short and stumpy, they don't seem to give a lot of expression no matter what angle they're at. ^^ As long as they're not upside-down, that is. And, as I discovered the hard way, I should keep track of how many times they've been twisted around (and in which direction), so as not to kink up the elastic inside the body, or to twist the wing off the screw.

      Wow, those Seitenshi "bars" look pretty rigid all right. Now I see why no posing. Do the wings have any kind of a slot, that'd anchor them onto the bar there? Or, are they only held on with wires? And if so, doesn't that make em kinda hard to keep on?

      I think it's the way they paint the Reitenshi eyebrows that knocks me out-- when Jimmy puts on his default-wig, a bowl-cut with heavy bangs that cover his eyebrows, he totally loses all his attitude & just looks like a sleeping baby. But when he shows off his eyebrows by changing into a mohawk, they give him that saucy "bitch, pleeze" expression. :XD:
    10. JennyNemesis: I know what you mean about ReiTenshi faceups. I've come across many in my research. Volks manges to give the same mold various personalities.

      I just updated my blog. I got this photo submission that illustrates how Sei-Tenshi wings attach
    11. aishiteru: You're welcome. Wishing you luck that a sei finds it way to you.

      Gallifrey's wig arrived today so here's an updated photo of the twins
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    12. Hehe, OK, so I convinced Diamond Jim to make another appearance.


      L.A. Dolpa in 2007 was where I won Jimmy. I am not into babies or angels, and I've never considered Los Angeles to be particularly lucky. So I was hoping to just win a pair of eyeballs in the raffle, or maybe a pack of postcards... I sat gape-mouthed for an embarrassingly long time after my number was called up attached to a Reitenshi. And I confess that my first reaction when I opened the box, and parted the pearly fluffy flowery pink clouds of packaging, was to recoil and say "Jesus marimba! It's a fetus!!"


      Jimmy says that wig did nothing for his bone-structure, so this is the only surviving photo of him in it. He will probably be destroying it soon, to thwart any possibility of future blackmail.

      Now, does that look like the same man at all? XD When I got into the elevator to take him back to my hotel room, I was still stunned, and already beginning to worry "How the heck am I gonna sell this creepy thing without being totally crucified for selling it?" But his spell worked fast. By the time that elevator reached my room on the 4th floor, my tune had changed to "I think I'll call him Jimmy."
    13. Posting a pic of Kenken! Just arrived to me the day before. ^^


      Still trying to decide a name (and genderXD) for him.
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    14. [​IMG]

      Here's my YOTenshi Mamu, Mochi. :3
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    15. OctoberAnna: congrats on your KenKen. What a cute smiley face

      topazrain: What a lovely custom faceup your Mochi has.
    16. Brooklyn with her fairy cousin Dicentra
      l-r Dicentra(Imda 2.2), Brookly(SeiTenshi B)

      Originally ordered the Imda 2.2 thinking they were similar in size and possibly could share clothes. They are similar height but the Imda fairy is too thin and has tiny feet
    17. I got Blythe Converse style sneakers for Gallifrey. I just need to get some new scaled laces.
    18. Hi~ I have a question for Sei-Tenshi owners. I recently brought one home from DoA and she is in desperate need of SHOES. I've tried on a pair of Blythe sneakers on her at a local meet and the fit was really cute. Can anybody confirm if other Blythe shoes will fit?

      Also, I was wondering if your little Sei-Tenshi's wings were coloured resin or blushed to be a certain colour, because I notice my angel's wings seem to be white, but blushed to appear pink. Not sure if this was a custom job or if all Sei-Tenshi are like that? :D

    19. Most sei-tenshi wings are translucent colored resin,white, or opaque pastel colored ones. I'm not sure if the blushed winged ones were done after. Most people who resell the blushed wings say they did it after, but there may have been some sei-tenshi with blushed wings.

      Older sei-Tenshis had deeper colored translucent wings. Some of those have changed colored over time. I've seen some with uneven fading. The more recent ones have white or slightly pastel tinted wings.

      In addition to sneakers I have a pair of Blythe boots and maryjanes. The mj style were slightly on the oversize so they fit but the boots tend to be tight and it's hard to take off once they are on. So Blythe shoes can be hit or miss dependent on their style.
    20. I envy youuuuuuuuuu ! they are to expansive on Yahoo auction ! I want one ! next time i will go to dollpa, i will again and again to win one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!