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Volks "Another Yourself" SD13 Shirou Tachibana

Nov 5, 2006

    1. I have a question for those people who have the first release of Shirou Tachibana,
      and who purchased the "Another Yourself" version as well.

      Does he look different from the first version to you?
      (Aside from the face-up, that is.)
      Around the nose in particular is what I'm interested in.

      I would appreciate any opinions on the matter.
      Thanks for reading!
    2. Hm. *peers* I don't -think- soo... at least, not that I can tell. ^^; The sculpt itself looks the same to me.... although for some reason the new Shiro seems to have a longer face - I'm not sure if it's an illusion created by his blushing, but he looks to have more headcap or something. I'm not sure exactly what it is. But I think the nose is the same...
    3. I was wondering since it looks to me as though the shape of the nose was subtly altered to be a tad bit less pointy. ^^;
      ...face-ups are such marvellous things!

      Thank you for your opinion, Loki! ^^
    4. hm...... just my personal opinion (although i've never seen either version of Shiro in person before)

      after "careful consideration", i decided to get myself a Shiro (1st version). i can't tell the exact difference between their faces but they give me very different impressions. i felt much more better seeing the old version. so, i guess that means they look quite different (in pics) to me.
    5. double posting. sorry.
    6. Second version had a magnet head-cap. So something has changed.