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Volks are discontinuing a couple of their wig styles.

Jan 5, 2005

    1. I'm not sure if this has been noted elsewhere (sorry if it has -- I haven't had much time to catch up lately) but when I was in Volks today I noticed that a couple of their wigs had notes on them about how the style was going to be discontinued. So if you happen to be interested in these styles, then I suggest you order them ASAP via the website or via a shopping service as they will soon become completely unavailable.

      The discontinued styles are:
      W-20 (volume waffle)
      W-39 (one-length curl)
      W-40 (volume curl)
      W-86 (boy's short III)

      W-86 is also sold in MSD size -- this wig will also be discontinued.

      None of these styles are offered via FCS, either. So get them now or don't get them at all, I guess. ^_^;

      You can see them at the Volks site here:
      (W-40 is hiding in the third column under W-86 instead of being in numerical order where it should be.)
    2. Ilove the W-39! But they have none in stock at the site. ><
    3. W-86 looks good in SD version, but the MSD version looks awful.

      Anybody have this wig in MSD?
    4. waaah! W20 is one of my favorites! I'm sad they are discontinuing it!
    5. I will have this wig in MSD later this month - (I think that's right) you interested in some pics when I have them?
    6. I am interested in seeing a picture of the MSD W-86N wig on your doll. It is a easy wig to get on the Volks site but l have never seen any pictures of it modeled on any dolls. Please post when you get a picture.
    7. Will do - it won't be until the end of January that I get the doll. I don't know when Volks is discontinuing, but I will post.