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Volks are rereleasing MSD Enn in pureskin UV protect via Kyoto Sky Channel!

Jul 10, 2007

    1. Yep, that's right. It seems that Enn was popular enough that Volks have decided to give him a 3rd release, and this time he is finally available in pureskin UV protect. (The previous two versions were old resin!)

      The info is on the Kyoto Sky Channel page:
      And his profile is on the Customize Club page:
      Because it's all in Japanese, I have done the service of translating all the pertinent info and adding him to my Volks DB site:

      But basically:
      This version of Enn is a kit, and so you have to put him together yourself and give him a faceup. Also, he only comes with acrylic eyes, a wig, and white t-shirt and trunks. Hence, his price is much cheaper than previous versions at only 34,400yen.
      Applications are taken by postcard and via the website only. I believe you have to be a subscriber of the Kyoto Sky Channel to enter. Applications are taken between July 6th and 31st. He is limited to 200 and so it will be determined by lottery -- winners will be notified some time in August. (Delivery date as yet unknown.)

      So the only way any of us will see him is on the 2ndhand market.. but for anyone who's a fan of Enn I think this is awesome news as it would be fantastic to get him in pureskin. :D
    2. Just as an update to this, I was looking at the websites about Enn just the other night and realised that Volks have extended the time period for the lottery. Originally it was between July 6th and 31st, and winners would be notified in August -- now, the lottery is open until September 30th and winners will be notified some time in October. This means of course that his shipping date (still unknown) will be later too.

      I updated this at my Volks DB page for him:
      But thought I should add it here too. :)