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Volks body parts.

Dec 18, 2005

    1. I hope this is in the right section. I've seen a lot of people looking for just arms and such. I havn't seen them for sale on any of the web pages, but at the store they sell arms/legs/torsos/hands/feet all separately. I was there today and saw the boxes with prices all lined up. They had optional parts written across the top and each was individually priced. I figured this might be of interest even though it doesn't appear to be online from what I can tell. Since there are a few of us who live out here and even if you can't order directly from them it might be possible for some people to get them from other DoA members?
    2. I know that Twigling has some Volks body parts that she was trying to find a home for, too . . . in case that's helpful to anyone!

      -- Andi :)
    3. Yep and I have a pair of SD pureskin feet for sale brand new in box (not sd13)
    4. I think the optional body parts are all old skin though and not the new pure skin. But still, that's mighty handy!
    5. Were they all normal in color, or did they have any white skin parts? Did they have enough parts to do a complete doll?
      Thanks Fitz
    6. The ones I saw were both normal and white.I'm not sure if they had enough to do a complete doll... the parts were fairly expensive but I think they had everything but heads up for sale individually.

      They had arms in sets of two, legs in sets of two, and the torsos (both top and bottom part. I didn't see anything that wasn't jointed)

      The white seemed paler than the pureskin examples behind the counter but that could have easily just been lighting and the difference being made more clear since they were RIGHT next to eachother.
    7. Man- I wish I could see. I would love to put together a body of my own. To bad I am in Massachusetts.
      Oh well someday.
      How expensive were the parts? Just to torture myself.
    8. http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37350
    9. Hmmn... if anyone's going by there, I need a torso... pm me? Probably the wrong place to post, but... :)
    10. Which store?
      The LA store had some styles of optional pureskin (normal color) SD and SD13 boy hands and feet (exactly what is also on the Volks international website), but I don't recall seeing other separate parts for sale when I was there...
    11. The Osaka Volks store also carries some of the optional parts, mostly in the old beauty white tone. There are also some of the older heads in beauty white.

      At our store at least, there isn't enough to make a full doll. But even if there were, the parts are expensive. I think they always priced them so that it would be more expensive to make the doll out of parts than it would be to buy it separately. However, they do have the clasped hands and tabi feet that might be good to have if you already have a doll in that skintone and want options.
    12. I only noticed them yesterday when I went in. As was mentioned earlier apperantly they are being offered? But only for a limited quantity or something?

      I don't remember the prices too well and I wouldn't like to be quoted on anything. I just remember the arms were less than 100 but not much less, the main body was I THINK around 200 I could be wrong and I think the legs cost about one and a half what the arms were? I'm really not sure. I just remember it seemed to add up to about what I'd expect a body to cost without hands and feet of course.
    13. I know they wouldn't have these at the Volks store, but if anyone is willing to part with Jun T's hands, I would love you forever. XD; Sorry for slight OT-ness. ;-;
    14. Thanks for the info Tea Time. I do appreciate it.