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Volks Chii - Original Shoes?

Feb 9, 2007

    1. An acquaintance of mine is saying my Chii's shoes are not original...!
      I believe they are, however.

      They are a navy blue color that snap on the sides. There are no logos.

      He says his wife's friend's Chii has black shoes, that have the Volks Logo.

      How does one find those photos at Volks of all their dolls?

      It's superdollfie.net, right? but how do you find specific dolls? The site's all in Japanese >_<

      Thanks so much!
    2. I remember navy shoes, if that helps!
      edit- sent you a link to another owners page for her chii, looks like navy shoes to me. ^__^

    3. I have a picture of Chii from when she came out looks black to me

      Lucky you Chii has always been my I wish I had gotten doll. if you ever decide you don't want her keep me in mind
    4. Navy shoes and outfit for the anime and mini figures but I think Volks did it in black
    5. I really have no idea for certain, but is it possible that there were two batches released, one with navy, one with black, and both are the originals?
    6. I'm not very knowledgable on Chii specifically, but I believe I've seen evidence that Lalaport Michael was sent with black flowery lace stockings to some, and with plain black stockings to other people. It could be a possibility with Chii too.

      Or it's possible that Volks never sent black shoes to anyone, and that the promo was a prototype as well. This is what the case with original Cecile was, his promo pictured a blonde wig and socks, but when he was sent out he came with a light brown wig and no socks. And my Cecile outfit's shoes don't have Volks written on them anywhere, so not having the logo means nothing with older dolls. The person with black shoes on their Chii might have bought it from a seller who switched the shoes to black regular Volks ones to match the promo photo.

      Good luck with your search, and please post anything you find out on your own so we can all know :daisy
    7. If you really look at the promo, they are indeed navy. ;)
      I looked up a few Chii's and all had dark navy shoes.
      From what I understand, the Chii was a small edition (about 100 I believe), and was only released that one time.
      It is more probable that the navy shoes were switched to black to match the outfit, ect.
    8. Chii was released in 200 units, but you're right, it's still a very small edition :daisy
    9. Hi guys!
      Thanks so much for the helpful info!
      Chii's outfit is actually the darkest navy blue imaginable!! I couldn't tell except by sunlight. You can tell if you look at the ribbons especially.

      But anyhow. I'm firmly convinced that my doll's shoes are original.