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Volks DearSD 43cm Discussion Part 2

Jul 28, 2017

    1. LA Dolpa shop is up and here is how to get the DearSD - lottery style :
      Dolls Party in LA 2017 | VOLKS USA,Inc.

      ....Mod notes....

      This is a new size Super Dollfie called Dear SD.

      Previous discussion threads:
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    2. Looks to be open to anyone who shows up at the designated time -- and I'm assuming they mean this happens on Saturday the 2nd. Just a time of day listed, and not the specific day. :nowords::celebrate
    3. BUT, is there only ONE of each doll? It looks like there is only ONE of everything.
    4. That's how the Best Selection sales worked in 2015 (as well as the one-offs) -- there were long tables of dolls to look at, then everyone who wanted to could enter the lottery to buy them.

      This is only a guess, but there may be one of each of the four DSDs (including the two Megus) available for immediate lottery entry\purchase\take-home, then a form for Tiffany and Vanessa preorders available to attendees. Or a second lottery online for preorders, if numbers will be really limited. I expect we'll have to wait and find out for sure at the event.
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    5. Yeah ... I couldn't see them just bringing one of each of the DearSD to Dolpa. I'm going out on a limb and guessing 5 to 10 of each doll. So somewhere between 20-40 dolls that will show up. I think Volks got a huge response at the last Dolpa when Mrs. Shigeta got absolutely swarmed by people when she asked' "Would anyone like to hold one?" and then followed by most of the room circling her like a pack of sharks (myself included)! :lol: I'm guessing the SDMidi will also have multiples but maybe not as many. The DD will likely just be one of each. Pre-orders though on the DearSD would be awesome but I have my doubts. I'm curious to see the lottery style ... I wonder if they will end up bringing Btssb outfits for sale?:shudder
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    6. According to the updated special site, the DearSDs (as well as the Midi coord models and DDs) will be sold through a lottery: Dolls Party in LA 2017 | VOLKS USA,Inc.
      I hope they will have Baby outfits for them :D or any outfits really because my Kun only has two outfits. Anyways... I'll definitely be saving up to enter for Vanessa :love I'm really happy they released a DSD in darker skin.
    7. @TheBodyVolcanic Yup. They have made some updates and they are bringing the pink and black Btssb outfits plus the rabbit bag and the blouse/bloomer sets. I hope they bring a lot of sets!
    8. @pris84 oh my gosssshhh yay!!! :D is there a place I can see the updates~?
    9. Hi I'm waiting to hear if anyone won of the new Dear SD girls at the LA Dolpa. I hope someone will post pics soon.
    10. Ask and ye shall receive!


      She's a Tiffany, and was #8. I wasn't even planning to enter for a Dear SD but wanted to look at them and started down the row and suddenly I was digging out my entry form as soon as I saw that beautiful face. I love her look and I was super happy she was in the blue version of the dress instead of the pink one the website example was in. I actually knew I'd won her before I got called, they had the winning entries attached to a board and I was standing behind the person calling the names and in my haste to fill out the form instead of using one of the ballpoints from the entry table I grabbed a broad-nibbed fountain pen with a bright blue ink out of my bag and used that, and I was glancing at the board and there in the #8 spot was my big fat blue handwriting... XD

      Pardon my iffy 4am excitement photo. XD
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    11. At the last minute, I had to cancel out on going to Dolpa because of illness, but a very dear friend put my name in for a blue-dress Tiffany -- and I won! Some hasty PayPalling to my friend and a lot of excited squealing on all sides, and there's a Tiffany heading my way by FedEx from the hotel. (How thoughtful of Volks to offer the packing service and shipper boxes!)

      I can't wait to see her and her FRECKLES -- it was the freckles that made my friend figure she'd better rouse me out of my sickbed. Well, that and my having drooled over her DSD SwD Nana -- no, wait, SwD Kira? AUGH no brain -- in person not long ago. ;)

      I think my girl's name might be Vienna, but I'm not much good at pre-naming dolls -- have to see them in the resin to be sure.
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    12. I love whenever there's a new release and this thread revives with happy squee and cute pictures. <3

      @Ian-KunX She's adorable! Congrats! ^_^

      @Cynthia in FlintHills Congrats to you, too! That's such a nice memory to share with your friend! (And I hope you feel better soon!)
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    13. I lucked out and won a Vanessa! At first I wasn't going to try for her but when I saw her face in person I couldn't resist. She's going to be the first girl in my collection and she'll probably end up with more clothes than anyone. ;) At the moment we're waiting on a flight home. I'll try to take pics when we arrive. Hopefully it'll be before 10pm.
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    14. Yeah I wanted to go but I had surgery on Friday so I couldn't go. I hope Volks releases them again sometime. I really wanted Tiffany myself. Congrats to everyone who won and is bringing home a new girl.
    15. @Ian-KunX Congrats on your win! I'd also put in for #8 Tiffany. She really is adorable and like you I preferred the blue dress over the pink. At least now I know who to stalk. xD
    16. I have the blue dress for my Nana and had planned on entering for Vanessa in blue as I don't like pink either. I entered for and won #7 Tiffany though who was neither of those things. In person I don't know why I completely flipped my choice.

      I can barely wait until she arrives home on Saturday. I just had no way of getting her home otherwise.
    17. @misskale Congrats on your win. In person they were all so cute. And having any version of Tiffany would be great.
    18. Haha, I'll try to be less lazy about pictures than I usually am then. XD

      Sometimes the doll just calls to you! That's how I ended up with Tori. XD I just looked at her standing there in the lineup and knew she was going home with me. XD
    19. Congrats to everyone who won Vanessa and Tiffany, they're so cute! I wish Volks would hold events in Europe but I doubt that will ever happen.

      Today I picked up my Volks Dearsd Saki from the deport and wanted to a share a photo of her!
      [​IMG]Ada by Mechromancia, on Flickr

      I really love the Dearsd Body, Its such a nice size and the chubbiness is adorable!
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