Volks Distributor/Dealer?

Aug 24, 2017

    1. So. I'm asking this question for a friend and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot, I'm not really sure where to ask it, but is it possible to be a Volks Sales Rep in the USA? I mean. I understand that there's Volks USA or there used to be, I'm not sure if it's actually literally there anymore or if it's just the website now. But, I have a friend who loves Volks and is interested in being a dealer for them within the USA and I told her I'd ask DoA if that was even a thing that was possible, before going ahead and sending an email to Volks Japan.

      Thanks guys.
    2. I know that Still plays with Dolls was an officialized Volks dealer before they got their USA store but since they have the store now, which is just a website now the official physical location closed a few years ago, they will probably say no.

      Reason why I believe that is because they are putting extra funding and resources into the website, translation, and staff so it might not make economical sense to have another dealer for the US.
    3. Basically, what AnnoDomini said, but I also have heard that Volks won't let you be the dealer of other companies. You have to sell only their dolls.
    4. There used to be a few places that sold Volks Standards and could take Dolpa Pre-Orders. I used to buy through We Love Dolls and Kerbey Lane, but they are both gone.
    5. Ah I knew I was forgetting some! Unfortunately you're right that most of those places are gone now. What's worse is that they also accepted layaway in which Volks USA does not which made those dolls more affordable for some who couldn't pay that chunk all at once.
    6. I heard that too, and that you had to have a physical store as well.
    7. Yeah! I was able to find why ravica closed her shop:

      We Are Now Closed | DreamDolls.dk

      So my guess is that they will ask to do the same to every dealer... this is why no one is a dealer for Volks, I guess.