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Volks doll designer--who else besides Mikey & Kyon?

Jun 20, 2005

    1. I'm just curious and haven't been able to locate this info anywhere else...are there other Volks doll designers besides Mikey and Kyon? I obviously love both these artists as Mikey did Kaede, likewise Kyon with Heath. Do most of you find yourselves more attracted one's work over the other, or are you like me, evenly divided? :grin:

      Hug, Juli DC :daisy
    2. I like both ^_^ Their style tends to be very consistant, so it yields a lot of dolls that are very much "oh, that's a Mikey" or "oh, that's a Kyon" on first glance. having both for variety is nice; as much as I like Mikey, for instance, a houseful of Mikey molds would be a bit boring because they're all somewhat similar.
    3. I personally prefer Kyon for dolls that I would buy for myself. I do like Mikey's work however and think it is very high quality.
    4. K.Mayura did Tohya, Kohya, and Cecile...
      Someone else did Lady Sylvie, although I can't remember the name offhand...

      Hmm. Anyone know who did Syo? I've always wondered this.
    5. I believe the other two designers are Valico and K. Mayura. But Kyon is my favorite of Volks' doll designers. :)
    6. Valico! That's the one that did Sylvie, yes?
    7. Yeah, I think she did Sylvie. I'm not 100% positive though.
    8. I'm pretty positive valico is sylvie.

      theres also the designer at zoikeimura who did the original sd sisters head and nono, etc. does anyone know their name?
    9. Akihiro Enku is his name I believe....
    10. I love both Mikey and Kyon as they made my two most favorite dolls ever - Isao and Heath! :chibi
    11. Yes, he's the sculptor of many of the heads - as well as the life-size Virgin Mary, (and lots of Volks models.)
    12. Whoever designed Link is my favourite Volks designer, since Link, or rather, FCS Link, is the only Volks doll I want. >_>;
    13. **grin** Apparently I lean towards K. Mayura's works. **looks at Tohya and Kohya**

      Does anyone know who sculpted the F-16old F-28 and the School Head A (and, I assume, MSD Maria and Schulze as well).
    14. I'm pretty sure Akihiko Enku is the scultper of School Head A (and probably it's siblings.)

      The designer is Kyon.
    15. That family (the Lucas/Chris/Sasha/F-28/F-16) was designed by Kyon.
    16. There's also Aone, who designed Liz and Suzuna.
    17. K.Mayura sculpted Cyndy as well.

      Mark me down as another fan, since I like the look of Kohya and Tohya too... :daisy
    18. Well, we may need to distinguish between "designer" and "sculptor".

      As long as I know,

      designer - K.Mayura, Mikey, Vallico, Kyon, etc.
      What they do is designing dolls' face-ups, and usually they don't sclupt dolls by theirselves.
      (Though they may order the sculptors to create dolls which match for their images.)

      sculptor - Mr.Enku, Mr.Ohashi and many artists of Zoukei-mura.
      They actually sculpt dolls' faces.
    19. I always seem to fall for the Mikey ones..(looks at Shirou and Jun)
      I dont know what it is about those ones...but I always go for them... *_* *_*
      So call me a Mikey fan! :grin:
      Tho I do love the others too! :daisy

    20. Yuzuko, thanks so much for this clarification...because I've seriously been confused for years about the difference.

      :: looks at her dolls :: I suppose it's no secret that I adore Kyon's work :love :love :love