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Volks Dollfie Dream boy body?

Nov 19, 2005

    1. I'm finding the DD2 dolls really intriguing, especially since I got to meet Lithe-Fider and the lovely Arwen at the BJD panel at AWA. I love the idea of that soft vinyl body to cuddle. :)
      Do you think there is any hope of a DD2 boy's body anytime in the future? ^_^
    2. :blush *blushes* Wow, I am so flattered you thought Arwen was that lovely! I do love her very much. AWA was a really cool anime con and the doll meet rocked! XD I love the beautiful look of resin and elastic jointing, but the soft, cuddly vinyl and action-figure awesome posing is very nice! ^__^ I want one of each now (I want a CP Lishe).

      As for boy Dollfie Dreams, from what I’ve seen, a lot of other people want a Boy one as well. I have not heard anything about a male DD, but you could try modding the top torso by replacing it with an obitsu soft vinyl boy chest. (From the looks of it they would fit okay. I saw someone who put the Obitsu female large bust on a Dollfie Dream).

      You can see these parts on the Obitsu site here:


      Another DoA member has an Obitsu with the male chest and gave him a…a male lower bits too with sculpey.


      Dunno, just suggestions. ^^
    3. Thanks Lithe-Fider! :)
      So, I would get a DD2 body, and then replace the upper portion with the obitsu male chest? I might give it a try, is the DD2 torso difficult to take apart? I remember you showed me how the arms came off, but we didn't get a chance to talk about the torso much.

      Arkady's Taliesin is awesome! Now I see, he's made just like my little Goh, only bigger...60cm, Wow! I think I'm beginning to make sense out of all these references to obitsu, dollfie dreams, etc. I had it in my mind that DD2's were basically BJD's with their ball joints covered by vinyl, even after you showed me Arwen's shoulder joint. LOL, I'm dense sometimes! Worse than that, here I've been trying to grasp how SD clothing could also fit an obitsu, not realizing the obitsu in question was 60cm tall! LOL! ^_^
    4. This may sound crazy, but is it possible to sand her breasts down to look like a male chest?
    5. Yup, DDII's, like Obitsu's, can come apart at various joints no problem at all. I take apart Arwen a lot so I can fit on tight clothes without having to put velcro or zippers on them. ^^

      No worries, it is a little confusing at first. ^^ DD's are elastic jointed and hard vinyl (except for their chests). DDII's are like big action figures, with an inner frame of hard plastic and outer skin of soft, squishy vinyl. 60cm Obitsus are like that too.

      And Arkadys Tailesin is indeed a cutie! She even gave him raised nipples / nipple rings... X3 *giggle*

      I heard Obitsu is coming out with a male body if that intrests you. I personally think DD's are a little "smoother" overall (nicer curves and joints) but Obitsus do pose awesome I heard. All depends on what you want. Keep in mind an altered DD body even with the male chest and added boy bits will still be very feminine. But if you want a bishonen boy that would be perfect. ^__^!

      Unfortunatly no, the soft vinyl is very thin. XD bummer, I know.

      This DD II has the Obitsu large bust on: (SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM of the page) : http://www.kyoto.zaq.ne.jp/pemo/CUS-No016.html

      The inner hard part of the upper torso sicks out a bit but I think it looks alright. The Male chest would do the same I'm guessing.

      When I say inner hard part, this is what I mean (This is Arwen's torso taken apart):


      The soft vinyl chest piece goes over that. ^_^

      The Obitsu parts "White skin tone" is closer in color than the "flesh" skin color. I use Obitsu hands as Extra hands on Arwen, see how it's a little lighter but is close enough? You can't tell in outdoor light at all.

      Here is Arwen wearing Obitsu hands (they are a little tight and I had to carve the wrist opeing a little bigger, but they do fit:)

    6. Unfortunately you can't put the Obitsu male torso on a DD2, as it isn't soft vinyl but hard.

      Besides, Dollfie Dreams stick their (cute, pert but decidedly large) backsides out a mile - a very non-masculine trait! :lol:

      But thank you so much for your kind words about Taliesin - he's blushing right now!
    7. But he IS cute! *makes him blush more* hehehe! :daisy

      It's hard vinyl? o_o argg...well that's a bummer. I am still curious though if it could fit....maybe with some altering.

      And yes, that is a reason I bought a DDII, they DON'T stick their buts out! XD I can arch Arwen's back or make her a slouching emo. X3 And their butt is a little smaller / flatter too.
    8. Maybe; I don't have a DD2 to hand to experiment with. Though I'm thinking maybe I need to get Ayame a DD2 body to replace her DD1 body - or do some extensive modding to sort her out! It's particularly annoying that she can't sit upright properly the way the other girls and boys can, for starters. I'm going to unstring her tonight and see if there's something I can do with her stringing to fix her posture.
    9. Perhaps you could heat the vinyl of the male torso to make it easier to put on the DD2 frame? I dunno...
      just wondering.
    10. I don't think that would work. It's simply a case of the male torso and the inner torso of the DD2 being the wrong shapes. And I've tried heating the male torso with boiling water (it's pretty much essential when putting the neck post in during the swap-over); it softens enough to enable you to get the neck post in, but it doesn't get really flexible at all and stays pretty much rigid - it just expands slightly.
    11. Has there been any news from Volks about a male DD happening?
    12. not that I know of at the moment, though volks might surprise us and spring one at us. I really hope so, for I too, am quite curious as to what one would look like. ^_^ sorry if I wasn't much help.... ^_^;;;;;;
    13. Hi there I am so new at this but they do have a new boy, and he is simply beautiful, I think I was told that his name is Mikey, and he is 65cm tall and has a beautiful body, very surfer like.

      I can go and find that link or at least the person who showed it to me and have hem get you closer to what I am talking about.

    14. sweetest185 > could you please give us that link?
    15. Obitsu is coming out with a 60cm plastic male body. Since the DD was released after the Obitsu60 female, I expect the DD male won't be far behind.
    16. I agree with you cheshiretiffy, If Obitsu gets a male body out you can be sure DD won't be far behind... I hope in any case.

      Say, didn't Obitstu said they would release the male body in January??? the month is almost over...

    17. He is the resin SD-16, also long looked-for.

      The DD boy, vinyl, etc., has been a dream for quite a few doll owners for quite a while; I have not heard anything about Volks saying they'd make one.

      The Obitsu boy, also a vinyl doll, has recently come out. I saw one in an auction on ebay tonight.

      Ann in CT
    18. Ann in CT > was it actually the Obitsu boy, or the Obitsu girl with the boy chest plate? Supposedly he's getting a whole new body and everything.

      (... and why did this realistic hope have to come up just after I decide I really do prefer resin to vynil?)
    19. I wrote a thread on that, in the news area. yes, they are. ^_^ glad to hear it. I was wondering when they'd come around to making that, though I heard they are delaying it til April. and that was what the second time they delayed it? originally it was slated to come out in february sometime.
    20. The actually obitsu60 male body will be released in Feb last I heard. The ones that were on auction were the female body with the optional male chest plate.