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Volks Dollfie Dream Gathering 2007!

Sep 25, 2007

    1. I just noticed this even on the japanese Dollfie Dream page :


      A Dollfie Dream only event? :D
      I saw this and was curious if such an even had happened before in the past, and if so what happens at this event. I wonder if they will release new limited DD or sell new DD limited items?

      Date : October 21 and 22, 2007, 2 days exibition
      The location is indicated as :
      開催店舗: 天使の里、天使のすみか、SR、通販隊、web
      This roughly translates as :
      Exibition shop : Tenshi no Sato, Tenshi no Sumika, SR (I don't know what this means) , Mail order "party" and web.

      If anybody has more information or correction, I will appreciate a lot because my japanese is not very good.

      There is nothing so far on the Dollfie Dream English site. Please post more info if you know about this event :aheartbea
    2. Date: 20~21th October 2007.
      Place: Volks SR/Sumika, Tenshi no Sato, Tuuhantai (telephone shop), Web
      New item: DD Standard Models (not limited!) "Aoi" & "Yukino", Option hands for Mini DD, New Animetic Eyes "H type / 5 colours / 18,20,22mm", Outfits, Wigs

      DD Standard Models (not limited!) "Aoi" & "Yukino"

      Aoi has L-bust, Yukino has M-bust.
      Price: 39,900yen
      wig and スリップドレス、ショーツ included.

      Option hands for Mini DD 4 types
      Price: 1,260yen

      New Animetic Eyes "H type / 5 colours / 18,20,22mm"

      2 dress sets from "Tenshi no Koromo". (I think these dress sets are limited.)
      Price: 8,190yen

      2 wigs
      W-1036D "Tsundere Osage Curl": Colour/27 and 6 : 3,990yen
      WG-281D "Magical Tail" : Colour/2 and 256C : 4,410yen