Volks Dollfie Dream Mini discussion part 1

Apr 4, 2007

    1. I was at the Akiba Dollfie showroom today and saw a flier about a new Dream Dollfie mini body!
      I know it's not classed as a real BJD but have heard good things about their bodies so I thought it might be of some interest.
      Has anyone else heard something about this? I didn't see anything on their site...

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      This is a discussion for Volks Dollfie dreams Mini.

      Volks Dollfie Dream Mini discussion part 1:
    2. Yes! That's them. I saw pictures of them today and took photos with my cell:

      But I'm guessing those two are special ones.
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    3. I'm guessing those two are special characters with clothing and all, but because I did see pictures of different bodies (well, one body different boobies ^^;) that there should be bases available also. Maybe those two are just a promo thing ~

      I think they are from the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien anime. (no wonder I recongnized them... :doh:)

      Could only find big pics of the blond one (hilarious character btw) but here are small ones of them together. ^^
      Also, one of the ebst animes I've seen, check it out!XD
    4. It says 50400 yen on the picturesincluding outfits and all. Their names are Ayu and Mayu. ^^
    5. Dollfie Dreams (with vinyl or resin heads) are on-topic for the forum -- they were grandfathered in when the rules were formulated, since a lot of people own the bodies. Therefore, Mini-DDs would also be on-topic.

      These are SO cute, btw!!

      -- A <3
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    6. Oh I just noticed this thread heres my post from the dolpa 17 thread.

      Oh thanks! I was just thinking are the mini dollfie dream dolls even hand painted? for the faces? or are they decals?

      We introduce "Mayu-Mayu", the warmhearted Mini DD that comforts you by just being there, only for you! I wish!

      Anyone here ordering these girls? urgh .... silly cute dolls keep calling to me. I mean what the heck am I going to do with one? not exactly allot of clothing selections for this doll right?
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    7. Treelore I saw some clothing being listed as MSD, SDC, miniDD so they may be able to wear some MSD outfits. The eyes are animetic so that's not decal I think their painted not decal. I like Ayu but not enough funds and I'm not into the outfit. One day I want to get miniDD to make a doll of this character I designed

    8. The heads are actually the same size for mini DD and regular DD, they wear the same size wig and eyes!! Its the sculpt and faceup that makes all the difference :)
    9. Most people never think on it but you could use shinsiya or misia as an anime character. I brought my Shinsiya to Dolpa NY2 she has an anime style faceup and animetic eyes in 22mm.

      You should have seen how popular she was with the volks people. Valico and Aone and the translator for the SD doctor were quite taken with her.

      The key is you need to pop the backs of the new animetic eyes and use the 22mm eyes not the 18mm.


    10. Thanks, unfortunately she only has elf or wing ears volks hasn't made any normal option ears. All the option ears are attached by a peg and held in the head by rubber socket. If it becomes loose volks' SD doctor can fix them. I suppose one can ask a modder in the forum to make option ears for her

      aquilla: Thanks, I don't mind. Personally I feel this head mold is often taken for granted. If I minded I wouldn't have given the details to the mold and eyes used ;) One can mistake her for a mini dd but she's made of resin not ABS and is more durable and costs less. She's on a pureskin not oldskin body though as I got the head second hand
    11. I think those are custom made boobs, as I've only seen this:

      I got that picture from YJ. So those aren't the real ones. I'm pretty sure about it.
    12. She just arrived at my door about thirty minutes ago (I'm just setting up to do her box opening photos)- so deffinately. ^_^

      There are the photos, if people are interested. Those are quick box opening shots; I'll be taking her out to a garden to get full body and clothes shots tomorrow.
    13. Why are they taking so long with sending out the MDDs???:...(
      guys you should seriously send them email and ask them all about this...

      as for the next MDD the rumors is they are on a possible second tribute to the hentai game/anime 'to heart2' and this time the chibi character Konomi Yuzuhara takes the spotlight!
      this picture surfaced on various Japanese blogs...::
      information about it's release and etc is under investigation..:lol:
    14. well Dolpa Osaka is scheduled to happen in august and we're expecting two new DDs of supposable those two characters from hentai game/anime &#22812;&#26126;&#12369;&#21069;&#12424;&#12426;&#29792;&#29827;&#33394;&#12394; {Brighter than dawning blue}:

      Feena Fam Earthlight:::
      Estel Freesia:::

      their official volks page where more info will be posted later on is here:::

      And thanks to chibichibiusa's Japanese knowledge we could make out that the new (still not confirmed though:sweat !!!!) MDD of the character Konomi Yuzuhara form To Heart2 will be released around September but no more info about this one...
    15. A little warning for those who have either Mayu or Ayu... that cute little dress they have leaves red stains around their elbows.. so errrr I suggest not making them wear that dress for too long. (I found it the hard way.. grrr)
      I guess the other option would be to coat her all over with MSC...
    16. I'm a bit worried about the new 24mm eyes as well...:|
      Though since a great amount of the DDeyes are out of stock I think it's about time they come up with some new designs really fast.:lol:
      I kind of like the design of Konomi's!:aheartbea but not when it looks too 'bright' red...:horror: :atremblin hee-hee....
    17. I saw them (well, the original ones) while at the Volks store in Akihabara. They did a body swap with normal DD like another member here had too. ^^ They're really nice. I just want them to be cheaper and standard... I've probably said that for the fifth time.
    18. I was meaning to ask this is it better to get a silicone wig cap or a cotton wigcap like the one sold on volks for a miniDD head? Anyone know?

      I'm worried about wig staining on Konomi's head