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Volks Dollfie Dream ~ Saber, Excellen, Ratwuni ~

Mar 21, 2008

    1. Wow saber looks awesome, i had a feeling volks would make her as a DD eventually. I wonder if she is going to cost more then a regular limited DD. He armour looks very impressive.
    2. What is written in Japanese.

      ドッドッドルフィードリームのセイバーさんが出ちゃいました!ばんざぁい。甲冑とセクスカリバーが付いてるし、デート服もメイド服も同時リリースされるし、これはもう着せ替えし放題なわけで・・・。販売方法の詳細については後日ボークスから発表予定なのでチェックをお忘れ無く!そして5月3日の「最強造形2008 phase4」ではDDエクセレンとMDDラトゥーニが揃って登場。
    3. i like the little purple one. but...ive never watched fate/stay night or...is that what this is? ^^; either way shes cute!
    4. Thanks for starting the thread, ria_ria! :D

      I've always loved Saber's design, even though I'm not a big Type Moon fan. (I might be more of one if I watched Fate/Stay Night or played the games, or put in any additional effort on top of reading Wikipedia summaries :lol:) It looks like Volks did a stellar job on her wig and costume. I'm eager to see more views of her face so we can see her exact expression, which is my only sticking point with DDs.

      Ratwuni I'm less familiar with, but oh god, she's crippling me with cuteness the way Renee did. Massive case of WANT. :shudder
    5. Datsuki, I think she's from Super Robot Wars: Original Generation. (That's all I could find out, though, since I'm at work. :sweat)
    6. I would love to get Saber. She would totally go with my fiance's Fate/Stay Night PVC figures. =3
    7. OMG OMG OMG D:

      I knew it! I had a feeling someday Volks would release a Saber DD >w< I don't really like anime but I really liked Saber D: ... the end of F/S Night anime made me almost want to cry T^T... nnnguuh.... must resist.
    8. The little purple haired girl is adorable! (Although I don't recognize what any of these dolls are from.) The Tall blond with the armor is great looking too.
    9. I think this is just what I need to get my guy friend infected with BJDs. ^_^ Yeah, Saber is awesome. I know she's a favorite character of mine and his.
      :mwahaha :sneaky
    10. Ahhhh Saber! I didn't even like or watch Fate/Stay Night but I did like her character design a lot. :D The armor is very well done.
    11. OMG

      I already knew about Excellen thanks to n66x but woooo Saber too!! OMG can't wait to see face closeups!!!
    12. I really like her face, like the existing lips ;) and the hair is nice as well.
    13. Saber looks really awesome...I wish I could get her...but I cant spend that much right now :(
    14. I adore Sabir!!! The first DD I've seriously got a crush on. I want to see her face so that I can see if her expression is what I think it is. I'm just hoping she's not going to be $900+. I know the last special DD release was extremely expensive! If she is...I'd probably go for just a basic DD if the head was available!
    15. *swoon* Ok, there went all my current doll plans.... I've alwasy wanted to get my DD to cosplay Saber... but this is even better!
    16. So cute! She looks really well done :D Not a big fan of fate/stay night but I know a couple friends who wouldn't mind having her XD
    17. My fiance and I agreed to get Saber. I hope that she doesn't cost too much. After all she is a DD and not a SD.
    18. She'll probably be around $550 since she is limited, fullset and a licensed anime character. I hope her price doesn't go up because of the kick ass armor!! :|