Volks Dollfie Dream version 2!

Feb 10, 2005

    1. I'm loving the pics of the new Mirai 2 that are in the gallery now. I really like the new body, and i like the super open customizability of the dollfie dream. How likely do you all think it is that volks would release the new body as a standard body that i could just order? I don't want the old body and won't spend the money unless i can get the new body.

    2. As of right now there is no word on wether or not the new version will become standard. I can tell you that the paperwork that came with my Mirai II showed how to change her parts etc... and had her with an open eyehole optional head. However, it was an additional inclusion with the original booklet that showed how to string her, so obviously a new booklet has not been printed for the new body, just the additional paper. The cover of the original DD booklet is the same as it always was with Mirai 1 on the cover.
    3. I hope the version 2 body becomes standard. The more I see it...the more I like it. So naturally, I now have plans for that body. lol Come on Volks, let's see that DD version 2 body become standard!!!
    4. AND MALE.

      *cough* Please. ^_^
    5. I'd also love to see a more realistic face mold for the DD. Still anime style but not so young looking maybe. or interchangable bust peices/different bust sizes like the dollfie plus dolls. i LOVE the sculpt of the dollfie dreams hips and waist though, she's really pretty. I want to make a dollfie dreams ninja girl, since i won't be able to afford arthur or soo anytime soon.

    6. Just a note on this - the new body has a much, I guess "flatter" would work, behind that the original DD... it might make conversion into a boy body easier for a customizer... *I pulled the soft bust plate off my doll when I sprayed her with MSC and the piece undernieth is flat like a boy's chest... Hmmmm....*
    7. Less ghetto booty for the DD body? That sounds nice. Could I bother you to take some comparison shots of the old DD and new DD bodies if you haven't already Zevchan? And if I've somehow missed that post, just slap me silly. :oops:
    8. I have some I just haven't posted them yet ^_^;;;

      Here's a booty comparison XD:


      I'll upload the rest soon ^_^

      EEE!!! NO EVIL BACK ARCH!!!! (well, she can but only if you WANT her to! LOL) :D :D :D
    9. Woah...what a difference! That just settles it, I love the v.2 body. Now it HAS to become the new standard DD body. Thank you Zevchan, and I'll be looking for the rest of the comparison shots. :wink:
    10. Ohwow, yes! That's awesome, and a muchmuch nicer and more boy-like booty. ^____^ Thanks for the pics!
    11. I dont know I really like that cuuuurrrvy backside that the old body has, and has anyone figured out if you can put other bjd heads on the new body? Has anyone actually done it? could we see a side by side of old and new body front and back?
    12. http://denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11255
    13. X___X;

      Are the boobs sqishy and stuff, so you can remove the... *cough* boobs?

      Cause I want a (cheaper) 60 CM BJD, but I hate all girls doll x3; I'm so supportiv eof my own sex e_e; /wierdness
    14. Now, this could be Volks just being mean...but they're offering up the new DD type 2 bodies for sell as well as the older ones; without having to buy the Mirai or Candy.

      Looks like I found where my next paycheck is going...
    15. oh NOOO, lol....... would love one of these with an open eyes anime head, they are so fun... so poseable... whoaaaaa !
    16. Where does it say you can order the new bodies? Or was there an announcement I missed?

    17. Have you seen the lacy undies yet? Jeanne wants a set so bad; she's quite the sucker for lacy things.
    18. Actually as far as I know the DDII body isn't for sale yet........ If you click on the link

      DD Base Body II

      On the side from the main DD page, it actually takes you to the first DD body base body page.......... So if you go to side then and click the 2nd base body link.......... you get the actual page for it.

      And at the very bottom of that page is says........................

      * Availability of DD base body 2 (body only) is not yet decided

      So yeah bad Volks XD It fooled me at first too! So the II body could still be released. I only hope they make it possible for other heads to be put on it.

      Also the new DD clothing, it's from the lottery originally....... you click on the order link and you get an error *cries* I want the vest set!

    19. *growls*

      But from the looks of it, Volks might just be waiting for that patent on their "secret-joint" to go through...

      Or they're evil. Really evil.