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Volks Dollfie ICON

Jul 17, 2019

    1. Today Volks announced that Dollfie ICON is a go and coming soon via Facebook! I'm sorry if it is presumptuous of me to put it in the SD sections based on the examples they showed at LA Dolpa 3.


      I am personally super excited to see where this line goes. Fantasy colors+ Volks is like a dream come true! And look at that gorgeous tone. Starting off great.

      They will be available at LA Dolpa 4.

      You can see them for the first time at San Diego Comic Con during the date/time listed above! Please people get pictures!
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    2. very excited for more details! for some reason i was under the impression that they were going to be 1/4 scale but looking back i think that was my wishful imagination at work.

      either way, the potential is very exciting and i’m super stoked to see the full range of colors! and to see what volks does with these dolls, because the promo image feels so different from the usual volks aesthetic.
    3. I’m excited to see what this turns into. I also hope with additional colors that there are some nice fantasy head options, like changeable ears. Options!
    4. Thats very attractive,

      I love the body shape and the color I see in the teaser :D very sassy

      Is there more information about them, and can we add it to the OP so that newcomers like me dont annoy the people in the know :eusa_pray

      I tried googling, but I dont see much. I saw a few but not in the purple color like the teaser

      Are they vinyl? Are they dollfie dream heads or the SD heads?

      I really really like the body shape and color in the teaser
    5. I’m very curious to see what they do with this new line. Colored resin is a nice way to add to a companies variety of dolls. The ability to have more fantasy style dolls in a variety of different resin colors can make for some beautiful characters.
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    6. It’s supposed to be vinyl with the SD aesthetic, according to the forums at DollDreaming.
      Dollfie Icon
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    7. I'm so excited for this line! I can't wait for more information. I love how poseable my DDS is, but definitely prefer the Super Dollfie aesthetics.
    8. I love that they are doing darker colors than they showed at the last LA Dolpa. They had a pale blue, pale green and pale pink/purple.

      Here is the photo I took at the tea party when they first talked about them.
      Heather Kamp on Instagram: “#dollfieicon”

      Edit: I thought there was more than one photo but it looks like I was wrong.
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    9. @misskale she looks like Volk's Josephine March, but anime version. She's very very very pretty :D

      Hopefully, before I get my hopes up, that its open internationally and not tied to US/JAPAN only like the FCS :eusa_pray I dont think I want to get attached only to get heartbroken :barf
    10. Imagine what those secondhand prices are going to be like, @GreenTeaSlug. :eek:

      I wonder if my interest in vinyl will be piqued once more...
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    11. Count me in as intrigued. Absolutely loving the color but it's all going to depend on the how the face looks! Definitely can't wait to see what options will become available too.
    12. Here I was thinking one vinyl doll was enough for me, guess I was very wrong :XD: Can't tell if I'm excited or scared for my wallet! That color though, so gorgeous :aheartbea
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    13. I saw this post yesterday and it got me curious to see what they are introducing that will be new and different :whee:
    14. Volks has announced you can get an ICON at Dolpa2019!
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    15. Man, I really love that purple tone, so I'm hoping they won't just be Dolpa exclusives...
    16. how exciting!! :D
    17. I'm excited for this line as well! I don't own any Vinyls or DDs because I'm not a fan of the anime aesthetic, but I've always wanted their poseability for my resins. This is a game changer for sure :) Can't wait to hear more news!

      As @c4tbus has said, this looks very different than their usual aesthetic, which I am so happy about. From just the teaser it looks like they're steering towards a more 'modern' fashion and style choices for this line, as opposed to the frilly giant baby look of many SD fashions they've got going on currently :sweat
    18. Though there are probably better quality photos out there, thought I'd share pics I took of the 3 prototypes shown at the 2017 Dolpa.
      The skintone of the FB teaser is definitely more bold than the subtle pastels of the prototypes. I wonder if the faces have changed much.
      [​IMG]Dolpa in LA 3 by VanilleNell, on Flickr

      Dolpa in LA 3
      by VanilleNell, on Flickr
      (^ on this one if you click the link and zoom on the pic, she has freckles XD )

      Dolpa in LA 3
      by VanilleNell, on Flickr
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    19. Oh! I'm super excited about these. I love magical, ethereal looking dolls. I wonder if there will be both boys and girls, and elf head molds! I also wonder if they'lI do extra fantasy-ish outfits for these dolls rather than their modern clothes or period costume clothes.
      I do hope the wrist joints will look a bit nicer though. I'm not a big fan of the dd unnaturally round and pronounced looking wrists. But maybe I'm hoping for too much.
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