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Volks Dolpa 14 Extra Stock sale

Feb 28, 2006

    1. Actually, I wonder if the Emma on the international site come with her Dolpa outfit? She's wearing it in the photo, but the info doesn't specify whether she does. If not, that would account for the difference in price.

    2. I'm sure she will come with her outfit. The price is higher on the VolksUSA site than the international site because...uhhhh well all the VolksUSA prices are higher :sweat . Then theres the EMS to add in too since that would be about $50 from the international site while its only like $20 from the VolksUSA site. And theres the bad Yen rate lately which has made alot of companies have to raise their prices. Since you could have paid the international price at the Dolpa 14 After Event and gotten it shipped faster also but it was extrememly hard to even obtain what you wanted. And if you did the Dolpa 14 Lottery you had a very higher chance to get it, but you had to pay more and wait for it to ship longer.
    3. What is the price for Yukinojo? I'm too scared to click on anything, in case it commits me to paying for him!


    4. I can appreciate that, especially after what happened with me getting curious on Volks' Japanese site (I'm so relieved nothing happened from that)

      ...Yuki is USD$1320.

    5. FYI - shipping from the international site for a full size doll is now running between 7700 and 10000yen.

      I'm not sure why since the postage on the box you receive will be marked between 5000 and 6500yen, but those are the current prices. $22US beats that any day in my book.

      And crumbs... anyone want to try for a Hewitt split? I've fallen in love with his little outfit.
    6. How come Picollo costs less than Rengemaru/Suzuna when they were still in stock? Anyone have any idea?