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Volks Dolpa 14 USA ordering

Dec 19, 2005

    1. Hi guys, does anyone know for sure where/when Volks will be selling the Dolpa 14 limited?

      Will it be :

      --on the USA Volks online store
      -- on the Volks International Online store
      -- Volks LA tenshi No Sumika in person?

      and when will it be?
      -- on the 25th to coincide with the dolpa?
      --or is it on Jan 21st for the after event?
      On either of these days, if you know, what is the exact time it will open, Japan time and/or PST??
    2. I am fairly certain it will be on volksusa.com and it will start when the Dolpa14 starts which would be 5pm Pacific on the 24th I asume based on what time the actual dolpa starts in Japan.
    3. So in after events, are the heads for the painting classes available or do you have to go secondary? I know almost nothing of Volks, so I ask.
    4. You can only get the heads by personally attending one of the painting classes, so if you couldn't do that you'd probably have to get one on the secondhand market....hopefully there will be an influx of heads, i.e. lower prices!
    5. Well, they said concurrently at Volks USA as Dolpa which is 8:00 pm on the 24th EST. It would then run until 2:00 am.

      All you really need to do is umm check at like 8ish on the 24th. ^^;
    6. Since I am attending Dolpa...

      This year, one had to apply by November 24 via Fax for a position in a painting classs and pick right then which head or msd kit you wanted. I applied for the 1:00 class and a Rock kit and did not get in.

      An After Event or concurrent event would just have the LEs. Rock, Margaret, A and C are not LEs, they're class dolls.

      I hope this helps!
    7. rkold - so do you mean 8 pm on the 24th EST? (on the volks usa website?)

      so it would be 5 PM PST, and 7 PM Central,.. correct?
    8. As far as I know, they don't know if they are selling any of the dolls at the store Aimee, but they have new clothes and the two limited wigs there on display. I was there on Sunday and bought some (my aching credit card).

      I think there was like five or six new outfits at least. The two wigs were: a double long pony-tail in two colors (a dirty blonde and a reddish-brown) and a boys shoulder length sort of wispy one in the same colors. Both for SD/SD13.

      Hope this helps!
    9. Hi Mercy, ^_^... as per my other thread about it, ( http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37350 ) I went saturday too and got what I needed of that. (haha needed...... they had great stuff huh??) but regardless, I can't be at Volks on the day of the Dolpa. I'll be in an entirely different state visiting relatives.

      It looks like since they are going to have an online event though on the 24th, that unless I find someone to purchase for me, I'll just have to miss out. :( I don't see how I'll be able to get online on the 24th.
    10. I'm going to Dolpa in person, and I don't celebrate Christmas to boot...so this is just what I am given to understand...

      I believe what is happening is on the December 24 at 8:00 pm EST (someone else can convert out for other time zones, I just know how to convert JPT to EST) there will be LE dolls available at VolksUsa.com I am not sure of quantities. I would think someone's chances of getting dolls this way is higher since it is only open to people in the US/Mexico/Canada. The price will be in US$, and shipping should be from LA.

      I then believe in January, there will be ANOTHER on-line After Event on the Volks website. That one would be open to Japanese who do not live near a Volks and people who don't live in North America as well as more than likely North Americans. The price will be in yen and shipping should be from Japan.

      The "new" fashions in the LA store are from a November release in Japan which coincided with the Volks LA opening.

      Hope this helps!
    11. Sounds like a lotto - they tried this for the dollpa 12 international sale, and I personally think its a better method of distribution as its fair for people of all internet speeds.


      1. You enter in with a check list of what you want to buy. You can out in for one of each item (i.e you can put in for one Yuki and one Ema, but not 2 Emas etc).

      2. They will then close applications and do the drawings. each item is drawn individually (i.e. if you put it for Yuki and Ema, you could win neither, one, or both).

      3. Volks will then contact the winners and have them check out and pay.

      Painless really, I won a Lost Angels doll this way =).

      I don't think the One Offs though are available internationally though. You have to be there to win it.
    12. OMG, such a better solution than the server crashing mad RUSH their online after events have become.

      This way everyone who enters has an equal chance of getting their doll.

      But um... what about the outfits!?!? I wantssszzzzz.
    13. I don't think that they'll let us enter for one offs at all... I think they're just going to let us enter for the limiteds (like Yo SD or Sd16, etc.)

      outfits hard to say... but considering that we got a lot of the neat outfits lately... I bet we'll at least be seeing some of the outfits on the website (if not on the dolpa day, later) and probably some of them in the Volks USA in person store too.

      So,... what about the text on the Japanese Volks Dolpa 14 site? Does it mean they are changing the time to 10 am PST?

      or is it still December 24 at 8:00 pm EST (ie 10 am Tokyo time on the 25th)
    14. They lottoried the Dollpa 12 outfits, wigs, etc, so they will probibly do it for DP14 as well.
    15. In a way, this might work out well, because just like with the tea party "lottery", it seemed like everyone got in unless there was some sort of computer problem, everyone may end up getting the doll they want this way. Since Volks is so cage-y about how many limited dolls they actually make, they might just make more to fill the demand.

      The only two bad things is that I've been scrambling all week to raise the funds to be able to pay for her this weekend and now it sounds like I won't need to pay until after the end of the month anyway. Plus -- and this is confusing -- delivery won't be until February or March. Might be worth paying more on Y!J and being guaranteed to get a doll quickly.
    16. A lottery, hmm? Darn. We have high speed internet. ;) I had pretty good luck with the lottery for V-Jeans last time though, so maybe it won't be too bad.

      But does anyone know if you HAVE to buy everything you win, if you win more than one item?

      I want to enter for Hewitt, and my sister wants to enter for Yukinojo, but she might not be able to afford him if they ask for payment too early, and with Volks you never know. >.< And it would be terrible if we won him and Hewitt and I couldn't buy Hewitt because we couldn't pay for Yukinojo. :(
    17. Date: December 25, 2005 from 10:00AM (Pacific Time)
      ENDS: Date: December 26, 2005 at 24:00PM (Pacific Time)

      So thats 1pm Eastern time - so now its not happening on the 24th at 8pm like was originally thought?

      xmas day instead! lucky I am home this xmas I feel sorry for thoes that won't be able to get online. At least there is a block of time and low stress.
    18. Ohhh, and they have a Momoko doll as a one off. Volks is SQUEEZING my heart!!!!!

    19. Hi guys!
      I just found out details about the Dolpa 14 ordering system yesterday! I also changed the dates in my post because they were wrong!


      Go to this page. We will be taking orders only through the website.

      All requests will be accepted from 10:00 AM US Pacific Time December 25 through Midnight US Pacific Time on December 26th.

      If demand is greater than stock then we will have a lottery. The lottery winners will be notified by email and told of payment options by January 8th. This is not a first come, first served situation, if you put an application in you will get a fair chance just as everyone else.
      People who do not win the lottery will not be contacted. So if you have not recieved an email by January 8th then regrettably you have not won one of the slots.

      Also, applications are only for Dolpa 14 dolls, we are not taking orders for additional items such as clothing or sunglasses. I'm sorry if anyone was wanting them, we might get some in the future but our stock is always dependent on stock in Japan. It's one of those wait and see situations.

      Yes we are open today and tommorow but we don't have any of these dolls in store at all. Not to sell, not as display, nada. However feel free to come and visit us if you can or want to!

      I hope this helped and I am sorry it was so late or if this info has already been posted somewhere. Good Luck!