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Volks Dolpa 14 webpage is up

Nov 25, 2005

    1. GAH! He looks... familiar, somehow. A bit like Tsukasa?

      I don't know how I can say that when the picture is 1cm big XD
    2. o___o I'm sooo excited! Eee!!

      I got Tsukasa vibes as well XD
    3. I can't wait to see him! Thanks for posting! ^^
    4. Let the panic begin! XD
    5. Hi!

      Have you read this?

      The Super Dollfie best selection

      You could meet various SD limited edition models from the past. You can never welcome past models except Dolls Party 14. Who can be the owner of which models is decided by lottery. Details on past models are announced on the day of and at the scene of Dolls Party 14!

      This means they will have a lottery with maybe the other Tokyo boys and the rest limiteds *____*!!!!
    6. I probably shouldn't jump to conclusions based on a thumbnail pic but if that is indeed the next Tokyo Boy I can't say I'm impressed. He just didn't catch my eye like Isao and Tsukasa did when I first saw them. But I guess it's not fair to judge until there are bigger pics and more info released.
    7. *squints* Y'know? He kind of reminds me of intertia's Jeremie... ^^;
    8. guys, he is definitely the next tokyo boy. and he's SD16.
    9. I know that my chances are slim and none, but if anyone is going and does not want the new boy (HAHAHAHA, I know), please let me know. I have the other 3 Tokyo Boys and really want Number 4.
    10. You can just tell!! :o Doesn't he just look "bigger" to you guys? Look at his hands! Look and his more mature-ish face! He's gotta be SD16!!! :D

      Let the drooling begin...

      (PS- I can't wait to see pics of his body, just to see how it's different from SD13 bodies)
    11. If he has Isao lips, like a lot of the recent Volks does have had, I am definitely going to have to kill someone. >>;;

      Actually, that'd probably be good. I wouldn't want him and I don't need my plans getting messed up. xD;;

      From the pic, he looks a little like the School C head?
    12. I can't see his face enough to tell yet, but I definately want his body. I wonder if we'll be able to put SD13 heads onto SD16s without much wierdness...
    13. I think he looks really promising! Volks it pretty cruel to tease us this way. ; )
    14. Oooh!
      He's so grown-up looking!! His proportions are definitely more manly.
      He looks adorable!

      Good luck to all you boy-doll-o-philes!!!

    15. Booth of Charity: A charity sale is held! The proceed from this sale is donated to voluntary organization Make-A-Wish of Japan.

      Oh gosh, Volks is so sweet!!

      With just a little bit of evil for releasing that teeny tiny photo!!

    16. Good thing I can't buy anybody until Dec 31 lol. Hopefully I don't like TB4! But, if I do, I can get him somehow I know (good thing the others I want aren't limited!). I hope beyond all hopes that he isn't much more expensive than a SD13 limited though x_X;

      PS. The tiny image is evil!
    17. why the pretty ones always has to be limiteds!?!?!?! :cry
      the pic is very tiny but I can see that the new tokyo boy is HOT *________*

      P.S. agreed >.<....tiny image is very evil! o\>.</o
    18. Man he looks like he's going to be a really handsome one too *_* If anyone is lucky enough to go to this Dolpa, please report back!