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Volks Dolpa 17 Rozen Maiden Dolls! Suiseiseki & Souseki

Apr 18, 2007

    1. I just saw the dollpa 17 page! :fangirl:

      There are Suiseki and Souseki dolls! There is no full page up for them yet. But the heading under them said that the they are SD. Does this mean we might see HinaIchigo and Suigentou dolls as well? Any guesses on how much these will cost? I'd love to hear your opinions! :aheartbea
    2. Ah, they're so cute! I like this pair much better than the Shinku doll that was released a while back. I must admit, though, if they release a Hina Ichigo, I'm doomed. >_<
    3. I haven't actually watched Rozen Maiden, which one of those pictures is them?
    4. The second pair. They each have one green and one red eye (they're twin sisters ^_^)
      You can read a bit more about the characters the dolls are modeled after here:
    5. They have green and red eyes? How charming it reminds me of Christmas XD
      They do seem very cute however I nearly died seeing Shinn's cuteness.
    6. I'm personally quite fond of them already. And I agree, they look much sweeter than Shinku did in her release.
    7. do or will they have a suigin tou doll, you think?
      ...if they do, im dead x_X
    8. Huh, how fun ^__^ I like Souseiseki, but Suiseiseki just isn't striking my fancy...maybe more pinkish-red eyes like they have in the anime would help soften the look? Or maybe it's the pose.

      Oh, I'm sure they'll release a Suigintou eventually. Waaay too many fans of Gin-chan for there *not* to be one.
    9. The Rosen Maiden twins will we available through the Volks USA lottery!


      The lottery starts on the 4th, the date of the actual Dolpa. Its only for people in North America, but I would *guess* that the twins will be available in the international after event too!

      They are so cute, I would love to get Souseiseki. But alas, Reisner will leave me broke! I hope they will release Suigintou or Hinaichigo someday, I don't think I could resist them. *_*
    10. I'll wait for Suigintou and Baraseishou. ;)
    11. I think the Rozen Maiden dolls are very cute and have amazing costumes, but the face mold Volks decided on just isn't right for the characters, in my opinion.
      I would have prefered a face that had a more similar shape to that of the original characters.
    12. Now we need Junk! Junk!

      Suisei's sculpt isn't doing anything for me, though..
    13. Oh, yes. I totally agree. The mold they choose is adorable, but so not what I would like to see used for the twins. :(
    14. I love Suiseiseki's facemold! But you guys are right, it doesn't match the character.
      I'm a bit disappointed with Souseiseki's hair and faceup :( She's my favorite!

      I really hope Volks will release a Hinaichigo in MSD size! hehe ^^
    15. I liked Shinku better, these two just look a bit too sweet for the characters, I never saw Suiseiseki as particulary sweet XD Though a lot of it might be the face-ups and their big eyes, I hope some people who get them will repaint them/have them repainted, I do think this mold has potential..

      I hope they'll rerelease Shinku for the international market, too :D Hey, you never know? She's my favorite Rozen Maiden, and I loved how Volks made her ^_^
    16. I hate to sound like a newb, but how does the lottery actually work? I know you put your name in and if you get chosen you can get the doll. But do you get the doll for free- (I doubt it...) Or does winning it just entitle you to buy the doll? Sorry for the dumb question. Thanks.
    17. If you win in the lottery then you get to buy the doll. :)
      They will put a hold on your credit card when you entered the lottery, so there's no escape hahaha! j/k :)
    18. I love them both <3 *squee Especially Suiseiseki!! But I wish they would re-release Shinku T^T
    19. Okay. Thank you very much! :aheartbea
    20. I agree, I would snatch Shinku up in a heartbeat! I think that Suigintou would be a nice consolation prize if they ever release her though! =3