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Volks Dolpa SD17 Reisner Discussion

Apr 11, 2007

  1. No, I'm going to pass for now because of the high price tag

  2. No, because I'm saving for the NYDP2

  3. YES! I'm going to DP17 for him

  4. YES! I'm going to enter the VolksUSA lottery

  5. YES! I'm going to wait for the International AE at [url]www.volks.co.jp[/url]

  6. YES! I'm going to attempt a pre-order with a service like WeLoveDolls

  7. YES! I'm going to search Y!Japan for him

  8. YES! I'm going to search eBay for him

  9. Yes, but I'm going to wait until after the NYDP2 to look.

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    1. So what do you think of the new boy, Reisner? :aheartbea

      Do you think it is a typo and he is a SD13 or is this gorgeous pirate really the new SD17 doll? Perhaps it's a different typo and he is a SD16? Speculate away!
      EDIT - He has been confirmed as a SD17 - it is NOT a typo

      Is this gorgeous hunk of resin going to throw a wrench in your dolly plans, too?

      His official Volks DP17 page

      Superdollfie.net page in English - http://www.superdollfie.net/en/sd/limited/sd17/reisner.html

      VolksUSA page - http://www.volksusa.com/dolpa17reisner.html


    2. His face looks like the delicious combination between an F16 and an F26 (as I'm looking at my own as I type this and noticing similarities... :sweat)
      Dude... if he had white skin I would be pouncing...
      He really is lovely, though. Gotta say. I would like it better if he were an SD13, oddly enough.
    3. I'm confused since Mikey said the highest evolution would be SD16, and they only released one boy so far, so to make another taller boy just seems strange. If it is a new body then we'll probably see photos of it on his page once it comes up.
    4. Typo or not do y'all think Volks could be merciful & just kill me now? Heaven knows it would be a mercy killing what with the NYC Dolpa coming up & everything.

      I can't wait to see more of him.

    5. I don't think he's an SD17.

      I mean seriously, what would be the difference between 'age' 17 and 16 male doll bodies besides a slight change in height? (Keep dirty minds out of this please! XD!) I think the number is too small in difference to create a whole new resin doll line of bodies.

      Not to mention their usual movement of SD10 -> SD13 -> SD16.... SD17? I doubt it. Most likely a typo or a reference to the FCS 17 head.

      Plus the face seems too soft to be SD16 let alone SD17. XD I think he's either a SD13 boy or a much softer looking SD16. :)
    6. Could it be some alternate way of counting :)
      I am thinking of the SD10 dolls sometimes being referred to as SD9...
      I wonder how long until we get some definite info on this?
      Here I am speculating on how long we'll be speculating!
    7. SD16 or SD17, it's no problem for me...because I WANT Reisner!
      I think I love him in that picture. But I need to check him in detail... Who is my last doll? :doh I can't stop exciting whenever I see dolls who has a nice looking *_* My hubby is getting angry, I know well though! :doh
    8. One of my friends was saying that there was mention of a larger doll coming out when she was at Sato. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is just a very tall SD16(17) bishonen if nothing else. He just has such a nice look to him. I think he still has a masculine enough jawline but with a softer "pretty" feel to it. I can't wait to see more pictures of him. He's going to be wonderful and well sought after I think. Considering all the recent BTSSB and h.naoto items I'm sure this guy's price will be very high in the immediate after market. Though I can't see the prices people are charging for the outfits when the dolls were less than $1k. X_X Hopefully Mr. Reisner won't be too pricey and he'll have a non-name pirate outfit.
    9. Definitely a typo - probably a mix-up with the dolpa number, 17.

      SD17 is so very unlikely - Volks have never made dolls with such a miniscule age difference, there is simply no point to it.
      FCS F17 is also unlikely, LE Volks dolls traditionally have unique head sculpts. One-offs can be based on standards, LEs or FCS dolls, but that has not been the case with LEs.

      So either the world has gone completely topsy-turvy, or someone had been typing "Dolls Party 17" just prior to writing about the new boy... ;)

      Logically he ought to be a SD16, the timing feels right for another big boy... But he certainly looks more like a SD13.
      Time will tell....
    10. he is lovely though....I'd love a chance to get him XD passing up on buying some of those limited clothes to get him XD
    11. He is on the cover of the DP17 guide book and those are NOT SD13 hands. So my hopes for a bigger boy are being confirmed. >_> I'm going to be sad if it turns out he is a SD13, but I'll still want him. :sweat
    12. There's no way that thick neck is SD13, it has to be an SD16 or SD17.
    13. I've only seen one little picture of him, but from what I can tell the sculpt of the neck is not an SD13 boy (believe me I should know, I have more SD13 boys than I can count on one hand:XD:).

    14. I think he looks really nice. I can't wait to see more pics of him. I love Volk's Pirate themed boys so far.....
    15. I, too, love their Pirate themed dolls (Cecil:D ). I'd die if they had ninja themed dolls:lol:
    16. No idea what you're talking about. Care to give a link?
    17. They've actually done ninja (and samurai) in their one-offs--last Halloween, they had several dolls who fell into that category... so maybe we'll see some in the LEs eventually?? :) We can hope!
    18. In the Dolpa 17 Discussion thread, ria_ria called and Volks told her Reisner *IS* SD17 :...(

      If he is not white skin, I'm doomed :...(
    19. This boy is definitely going to make me nuts and you KNOW he's going to be impossible to get a hold of. ;_;