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Volks Dolpas in August

Jun 13, 2006

    1. Yeah...DOLPAS. Plural. It's Dolpa time again, kids.

      August 20:
      Home Town Dolls Party in NAGOYA 3
      The World' Biggest Fair of Dolls and Figure, Hometown Dolls Party in NAGOYA 3 is coming on August 20. 2006.

      August 27:
      Home Town Dolls Party in Makuhari Messe
      Place: Makuhari Messe
      The World' Biggest Fair of Dolls and Figure, Hometown Dolls Party in Makuhari Messe is coming on August 27. 2006.

      Hide your wallets/purses. XD
    2. I already made a thread about this but I'm asking again: is anybody going to Nagoya or Makuhari Dolpa? I'm planning to go and it would be nice to meet other Doa-members there!
    3. The japanese website for them are up. Ooh the excitement.
      Nagoya on the left and Makuhari on the right :3
    4. I was making a new discussion thread for this, and I'm afraid I've managed to lose Treelore and ponygery's replies while moving them! I'm so sorry - anyway, the new discussion thread is here. :daisy
    5. I bought my Nagoya & Makuhari guide books today. Not half as nice as the Tokyo ones, but ehe, they have all the info... more nicely though, I got my Volks News Bulliten in the mail today, and wee, lookit the pretties coming out at the dolpas!


      I love the (literally) bunny-rugs, and the new boys LaParsonell outfits are gorgeous!
    6. Hmm, it is really slow to load. Here it is in case anyone else is having problems viewing it:

      Ack, the Yo-SD's are $34 more than the last time around, but the big dolls aren't more expensive than they've been in the past. >.< I wonder why the difference?

    7. Naw, it's still Chinatsu. Tinatsu is just the way they write it in English :)
    8. Kerbey Lane Doll Shop, official Volks dealer, is now taking orders for limited dolls and clothing from Nagoya & Makuhari.

      Orders can be emailed or called in to the shop - deadline is Wednesday August 16 @ 9pm Central Standard Time.

      512 452-7086

      Volks has warned us that these will be limited with possibility all orders cannot be filled so we are turning in our order to Volks as early as possible.

      Kerbey Lane Doll Shop is located in Austin TX, we've been there for 24 yrs. We require a 20% non-refundable deposit - money refunded only if Volks cannot ship doll to us. Prices are retail prices listed on Volks site.

      BJDC-Austin 2006
    9. Sorry, odd question, but when they say August 20th at 12:01 AM until August 23rd until 12:01 AM...what time-zone are they using? Would it be US Central? Help? ^^;
    10. Pacific Time. They're on the west coast it makes sense for them to go by that time.
    11. I've taken a bunch of orders today via phone and just want to say thanks to those that called me @ the shop, was great to actually speak with you all.

      Kerbey Lane's procedure for ordering new Volks Dolpha products -

      Our deadline to order is Wed Aug 16 - 9pm central time
      Orders will be emailed to Volks first thing Thursday morning. Volks has told me they will confirm our orders right away so I expect by Monday I'll know. Once I get confirmations I will notify everyone who ordered a doll to let them know if they have one. These will be don in the order I received them. If your doll is confirmed we will then require 20% non refundable deposit. Balance will be due in October when the dolls are scheduled to arrive.

      We charge Volks retail prices plus shipping & we ship UPS. Sales tax will be charged to anyone in Texas.

      I can be reached by email - rochelle@kerbeylanedollshop.com or rocknroche@earthlink.net or PM. Also 512 452-7086 (KL) - I work Tuesday & Thursday 10 to 4:30 - Friday 10 - 12 - Saturday 10 - 2.

    12. ahhhh! monday is going to take forever to get here! i have to pay the 20 percent on my own christmas present, heh. thanks again!
    13. Stalking the site just now. I really want the YO-SD girl (sob). I hope I can get her. She is so sweet and smiley looking.
    14. Question? I have never participated in a "entry ticket event." We weren't supposed to give our form of payment yet, right? I'm second guessing myself. I guessing we wait for a confirmation of some sort or that it is going to be a lottery & then we pay with confirmation of our order? Thanks!