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Volks elf ear (SD vs MSD)

Jul 2, 2008

    1. the title said everything and I'm kinda curious about this.

      about the elf ears,
      of course not the kitty ear (E02) of MSD to any SD elf head but what about other type of ears?
      or tried SD ears on MSD??
      regardless about the too small/large ears on doll, are the holes on SD head the same in size as MSD?
      (or am I the only one thinking about this strange question:sweat)

      thanks in advance
      (and sorry if this had been asked or at wrong session)
    2. I have wondered a lot about the ears too! Doing the research for my first BJD, and I quite like the elf ears. Anyone have knowledge they can share on this subject???

    3. I have an MSD F-13 with long elf ears and an SD F-30 with long elf ears. The post on the MSD ears is just a little smaller than the post on the SD ears.

      They were swappable though. The SD ears fit snugly in the MSD head. The MSD ears fit loosely in the SD head.
      The proportions on my particular ears didn't look very good though. Particularly on the MSD, where the SD ears were too big in the front to follow the curve of his face.
    4. brighnasa, thank you for answering.
      do you mind to post any photo of them wearing each other's ears?
    5. Has anyone else had troubles keeping the ears in their sockets? My F-29 girl's ears pop out whenever I try to put a hat on her. The friction fit just isn't good enough. I should probably just glue them in but I wasn't sure which kind of glue would be best. Hot glue would be too bulky, I think, although it would make it possible to remove the ears sometime in the future if so desired. Super glue would not be bulky but then the ears would be pretty well permanently attached. Maybe white glue would be okay?
    6. I find that the ear post can sometimes be a little smaller than the hole in the white rubbery ring that keeps them in the head. I have one ear that works awesome and stays the other not so much. A thin layer of hotglue maybe on the post should give it the extra width it needs to stick well without gluing it in permanently. If the white rubbery ring is loose though you can try the same dealie or glue the ring in since the ear posts will always need that to stay on the head