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Volks event - Huis Ten Bosch 2008!

Sep 24, 2007

    1. Volks have announced that they are holding the Huis Ten Bosch and Hotel Europa event again in 2008, yay!

      This time it will be held from February 16-17. Once again 500 people are allowed to attend. The price to attend starts from 27,500yen.

      They are accepting applications until November 26th. One needs to be a member of the VIP or VS club to attend.

      Like the last event it will include a special dinner party, a beauty salon, a photo studio, a meet, as well as several painting classes (where they will undoubtedly have the Sweet Dreams School A head!) and the special "Dream FCS" that they had at the last Huis Ten Bosch, where just a few lucky people can order their dream FCS, including just about any head, for 500,000yen.

      They haven't announced any LEs yet but there will undoubtedly be another LE like the last one's BtSSB Toppi. :D

      There's no page up at Volks yet -- it's so far only been announced in the Volks newsletter that gets sent out to members -- but I will add a link when they put up a proper page for it. :)