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Volks event - The Oath of the Silver Coin boat!

Apr 1, 2011

    1. Volks has just announced on their japanese website the upcoming release of the pirate ship of Cecile and Reisner, the Black Shark, full 1/3 scale. According to Volks, the making of this beautiful replica has been possible thanks to their broad experience in the fields of modelism and miniature.


      The boat itself will be a resin kit that will requiere assembling; It's measurements are 15 mts. lenght, 3 width, and will have 3 replica sails of around 7 mts. height. The estimated price fotr the replica will be around 2.500.000 yen. This awesome gallion will be availabe for those Volks VIP members that may assist to the space cruise on the SpaceShipTwo property of Virgin Galactic and will take part at the beginning of 2012.

      I hope we can have more info soon! :D
    2. I've started a discussion thread for the boat and cruise here!