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Update Volks FCS Additions and Discontinuations - December 23rd

Dec 13, 2009

    1. I was at Sato yesterday and announcements have gone up that the following heads and eyes will be discontinued completely on December 23rd.

      - MSD F-10
      - MSD F-11 (Nasha type)
      - MSD F-15

      - SD F-02
      - SD F-06 (Michael type)
      - SD F-18 (Ken/Mika type)

      - GE-04 light green eyes
      - GE-15 neosium eyes
      - GE-16 dark orange eyes
      - GE-18 light orange eyes
      - GE-24 baby pink eyes

      In their place, the following items will be added to the Sato FCS menu, also on December 23rd:

      - MSD F-27
      - SD F-44

      - GE-30 amber eyes
      - GE-31 lilac eyes
      - GE-32 violet wisteria eyes

      - MSD W-129N cool short shaggy wig
      - SD W-124D loose wave short wig
      - SD W-127D mermaid wave wig

      - new Milky Tea style omukae dresses in all sizes

      Photos of a lot of the new additions are up at Creating Dreams