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Update Volks FCS / Discontinued Heads & Zoukeimura Eyes (some colours)

Jul 27, 2009

    1. From Volks News Vol.34

      1: Tenshi-no-Sumika Fair
      21~22 September

      2: Next heads will be discontinued from 22th September.
      MSD F-11 (Nasha type)
      SD F-02
      SD F-06

      3: Next Zoukeimura Eyes will be discontinued from 22th September.
      GE-04 (Light Green)
      GE-15 (Neodymium)
      GE-16 (Dark Orange)
      GE-18 (Light Orange)
      GE-24 (Baby Pink)
    2. This is horrible news :...( Chat thread here.
    3. Thank you for the news, ria_ria!!! :daisy

      Has there been news about any new heads being added to FCS?

    4. No clear news about new heads for FCS yet. It seems Volks will add new things though.

      However 2 standard models will be newly added. (for Tenshi-no-Sumika Fair)