Volks FCS F08 eye size?

Sep 9, 2004

    1. I'm not quite sure where to put this, sorry. But can any f08 head owners tell me what size eyes are good? Thanks :grin:
    2. i use 18mm in my F08's head.
    3. Thanks a bunch!
    4. That's a good question because I was wondering that myself. :grin:
    5. I've seen anywhere from 16mm-20mm, but personally I prefer 18mm.
    6. what size eye do f-08 head mold usaully take. i never seem to get eyes that fit right.
    7. Hi,

      I have been using 18mm in her--20mm and up are too big I think. They don't fit in the sockets :(
    8. Do you mean the old numbering system F08? If so, I use 18mm in mine.

    9. thanks :grin: :D
    10. I had trouble too and tried just about every size and even got a beveler.... I solved the problem with Masterpiece eyes. They work great and fit well.
    11. size 18mm? master peice? thanks! ^^
    12. Here she is in 17mm smokey topaz

    13. do you by any chance have a pic of her in a n 18mm?
    14. I am not sure if they come in 18mm, but here are some 19mm Dresden blue, they look smaller cause they are so light

    15. which eye size has a f08? ^^
    16. I think mine is wearing 18mm.
    17. Here's my F-08 painted by Illness Illusion wearing Souldoll 18mm, which fit great.
    18. lizbet: your girl is so gorgeous *swoon*

      yep my girl wears 18mm too =)
    19. ~*Thank You Monicax86*~
    20. 20 fits my girl, but her eye well is modded so they will fit, they are a little round, but it's ok. She currently has masterpiece red eyes that are flat 16 or 18 not sure, and they fit great. O BTW, lizbet your girl is gorgeous!