Volks FCS F16 and old F28 Question

Dec 2, 2004

    1. I was wondering, since the F-28 is part of the old FCS what face mold (number) looks most like it. I really wanted an f-28 but would like to purchase the whole thing all at once. Thanks! (Sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't see it)
    2. I think it's the F16? F17? ... I forget, something around there.
    3. The F-16 is almost an exact replica of the old F-28. Some people say it is identical, in fact. I suggest looking at pictures of F-16s to see if you like the head. =D
    4. I saw the one on ebay an it's the f 16 and I like it a lot but it looks so different unpainted on the domuya site so I was just being sure. ^^

      Just so I don't buy the wrong thing on accident it's the f-16 on domuya's FCS sd/sd13 right?
    5. somebeoy told me recently that the stuff on domuya are the OLD numbers and not the new heads at all - I think F16 is a girl head on domuya... not the one you're talking about.

      this is so confusing.
    6. It is ;-; but the f-28 on domuya doesn't look like it at all. :?
    7. If you intend to buy from Domuya, I suggest contacting them via the contact form on their site and clarifying your questions about the F-16/new FCS first. =D Just to be sure!
    8. I don't necessisairly have to buy from domuya it just seems easier since I wouldn't know what to ask for if I used another company. If someone could make a mock order form for me for another service or something that would be good :oops:
    9. domuya isn't updated!
      you can order from their site, but using the new FCS
      domuya tekes orders by e-mail now- just send you message to [email protected] and choose your parts from http://denofangels.com/newsd.html (some of them arent updated- I think wigs, but you can choose them from the volks official site)
      F16 from the new FCS is identical to old FCS28- I know, because I'm interested in buying it :3
      if you have any questions, I might be able to help you :)
      hope you'll get your dreamed doll soon!