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Volks FCS long legs or standard legs? Which ones would you choose?Why?

Mar 22, 2005

    1. Hi everyone! :daisy

      If you were about to order an FCS SD13 boy, would you want long legs or normal legs for him?


      Please, let me know your opinions, thank you! :daisy

      All the best,
    2. I really want one with long legs, but that's 'cause I want a boy that is *slightly* taller than normal ^_^
    3. Thanks for your kind reply, Zevchan! :daisy

      I still can't make up my mind about the right legs for my next boy...

      Sometimes I think long legs are better, and sometimes I prefer standard legs... :oops:
    4. Does having longer legs make it more difficult to find appropriately sized clothing? Or are "SD13" or "60cm" sized pants meant for the long legs?
    5. Well, I'll make you a deal - if you get the long legs and decide you want the normal ones I'll trade with you (I want long legs for my boy ^_^;;; )
    6. I don't think so... I think the pants might be a *tad* shorter looking, but I'm not sure if it's really noticeable...
    7. I like the long legs. Tristan (Isao 1) can wear SD13 pants and so can my CP Elf El. pants don't fit short either, but have a nice break on the instep and come over the shoe the way they should.

      if you're going to custom make a doll, get the options that aren't "off the shelf".

      go for the long legs LadyL. they don't look unnaturally long at all. they're elegant and So Seksy!
    8. I think long legs look better, but I would choose standard legs because of the outfit.
      Standard legs have wilder range of outfit..I guess..
    9. Long legs! Taller boys are cuter ^_^ Most outfits look okay, unless you sit them down, then the pants look too short XD
    10. I'd definantely go with a long leg boy. I have Isao2 who has the half long leg option and then I bout a regular SD13 boy and I wish I would've waited to get a long legged boy. There is just something so elegant and graceful about a tall boy IMHO. :grin: I've never had a problem with clothes fitting Kayde but then again he isn't the full long leg option, only half but I don't know what the differences are in cm between the two.

    11. I'm planning on a long legged boy. Since Masa has half long legs which I love, and Syo has 'normal' legs. I want a boy that'll be slightly taller than Masa.
      I like the look of long legs, they seem more sleek and elegant. As for pants not fitting right, I make Masa's clothes so altering the patterns to fit a different leg length wouldn't be hard.
    12. Hi everyone! :daisy

      Many many thanks for your very kind replies and help! :D

      BTW, I think that much depends on which body I will find when I get my next pay-cheque... :wink:

      Anyways, I was thinking that, even if the longer legs are very beautiful, very probably I would like my FCS boy to be a little shorter than my El.
      So maybe I'll get a standard legs body...

      Thanks again for all of your kindness! :D

      All the best,
    13. I agree, it really depends on the sort of doll you want, and also how you want him to look relative to your other dolls. :D Personally, I'd love a long-legged boy, but I'd probably end up swapping everyone's body around so they were the appropriate heights to each other. XD The long legged boy can still wear normal legged clothes. They even look completely okay when standing, but they ride up a little when sitting and look slightly odd. My first boys had Isao-length legs, and I light baggier/longer pants, so all my pants are slightly long anyway and I've never had a problem.
    14. Thanks, Loki! :daisy

      BTW, which kind of legs has your F20 boy got?
    15. Ok, I'm resurrecting this because I have a similar question! :chibi

      Is there *that* huge of a differences between the sizes? The three sizes I'm talking about are

      - The Fully Long-legged body - (Heath, Tohya, Kohya)
      - Half Long-Legged - (Isao)
      - Normal - (Lucas, Shirou, Tsukasa, etc...)

      I think I'm making too big a deal out of the differences (if there really is that big of a difference). Would Isao look a heck of a lot different on a normal body as compared to his default? I want my Heath to ALWAYS be taller than him, so he's keeping Isao's body I've decided. I just don't know if Isao would be the same on a "normal" body...^_^;
    16. Ooh, thanks! ^_^
    17. Wow, the long-legged and the half-long-legged look about the same, assuming that the one in the middle is the normal. If this is the case, I might go ahead and get a normal body for my boy instead of running into walls at every opportunity to get him an actual Isao body... :roll:
    18. If you run the site through an online translator, you'll see that the person makes a note that it's either the angle of the shot - how the bodies are standing - or something to do with the geta feet on the long-legged boy. There is a definite difference between the long-legged and half-long-legged boys.
    19. I did order my F-16 boy about two weeks ago and I ordered him with long legs. Mainly cause I want him to be taller then my other dolls...he has a really dominant personality and I doubt he could stand being shorter then anyone else. ^^;;;

      Anyway, if you really want your Isao to be shorter you might want to swap for the normal legs. There is a difference between Isao and Heath, but I'd say it's not by much. If you want a more noticeable difference swap Isao's legs for normal ones (I'm sure you can find someone who'd want his legs).